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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Copy of Letter No. 28089/E4-/2/84 dated 25.11.85 of the Director of Medical Services and Family Welfare, Madras – 6.


Sub : Grant of Weekly off to Assistant Surgeons Instructions issued.

Ref : This office – circular memo. No. 69112/E4/1/80 dated 11.8.80


In para 2 of this office circular sited it is informed to District Medical Officers and others that the Weekly off accumulated and that weekly of can be granted only after day an Assistant Surgeon has attended work for 6 days off on the Seventh day and he will miss if if he could not avail it on the seventh day.

It is represeted that in certain occasions Assistant Surgeon are deputed to other Medical Institutions where their Services are needed. Some of them are deputed for Laparoscopic camp etc., and are to these reason they could not avail the weekly off due to them on the seventh day itself.

Hence the District Medical Officers and others are informed that Assistant Surgeon may be permitted te accumulate weekly off upto 2 day a time with following conditions.

1) The Assistant Surgeons may be allowed to avail weekly off at the discretion of District Medical Officer or Medical Officer incharge without detrimental to the working of the institutions.

2) They cannot claim for accumulation of weekly off for 2 days at a time as a matter of right.

3) Accumulation of weekly off upto 2 days has to be permitted when the Assistant Surgeon could not avail it due to administrative reasons.

4) Weekly off cannot be combined with post duty off.

5) Weekly off cannot be combined with Casual leave or any other kinds of leave.

6) Weekly off has to be availed by Assistant Surgeons without affecting normal functioned of the Medical Institutions and before availing weekly off the specific permission of the head of the Medical Institutions has to be obtained.

7) The Officer in charge of the Medical Institutions concerned should see that the normal work of the institution is not affected by allowing an Assistant Surgeon to avail the weekly off for more than a day at a time.

T.B. Venugopal,

Director Of Medical Services and Family Welfare

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