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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tamil Nadu Medical Service- Medical officers - Personal pay Enhancement of orders Issued.


G.O. (D) No. 235. Dated: 13.7.2000.

Read : -

1. G.o.(D).N0.1S2Health dated 12.2.99

2. From the Director of- Medical and Rural Health Services letter N0.19984/E7/3/99 dated 27.2,99.

3. Representation from the Government Doctors Association.



In the Government order first read above. Government have sanctioned parsonal pay of Rs.200/- per month to all doctors under the administrative control of the Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services including ESI, Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Medical Education and Family Welfare irrespective of the posts they are holding.

2. The Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association have represented to sanction additional personal pay of Rs.100/- per month besides Rs.200/- per month already sanctioned in the Government order first read above.

3. The Government have examined the request of the Association carefully and have decided to allow an additional personal pay ofRs.100/-per month. The Government therefore accord sanction for the grant of additional personal Day. of Rs.100/- per month (Rupees one hundred only) besides Rs.200/- personal pay already sanctioned to various categories °f doctors mentioned in para 1 above.

4. The grant of personal pay shall take effect from the date of issue of this orders.

5. This order issued with the concurrence of the Finance Department v'de its U.O.No. 443 /SS (GV) / 2000 dated 13-7-2000.

Minutes of the Meeting held In the presence of Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department on 10.4.99 with representatives of Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association (T.N.G.D.A.) In the presence of Members of Indian Medical Assocliation and Federation of Medical and Dental Associations of Tamil Nadu (FEMDAT).


During the discussion of the Office hearers of Tamil Nadu Government Doctors' Association (T.N.G.D.A.) with the Health Secretary in the presence of Director of Medical Education, Director of Medical Services and the office bearers of The Federation of Medical and Dental Associations of Tamil Nadu (FEMDAT) on 10.4.99, the Secretary brought to the attention of Ihe doctors about the efforts of Tamil Nadu Government lo proteet the interests of doctors by Inking the mailer to doveminent of India by Honourable Minister lor lloillh Thiru Arcot N. Veernswami through the National Conference of Health Ministers held in New Delhi recently and he reiterated the commitment of the Government lo protect the legitimate interest of the Medical Fraternity. The Government also will consider the request for the formation of the expert committee and issue necessary orders as early as possible.

As per the assurance given by the Government of Tamil Nadu through press release, in future no Criminal action will be taken against any doctor for any untoward incident happening while discharging his professional duties.

Having been satisfied with the assurance all keeping Ihe Public inconvenience in mind the Government doctors have decided to resume elective and Family planning operations.

Dr. M. Kamatchi Dr. C.M.K. Reddy Dr. K. Prakasam,

Director of Medical and President, State President,

Rural Health Services. FEMDAT. TNGDA.

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