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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


(a) According F.R.105, an employee is eligible for joining time on transfer . If the transferred employee joins at the new station without availing of full or part of joining time, the unavailed protion of joining time. (subject to a maximum of 15 days) will be credited to his E.L. account. However, the his credit and the unavailed joining Time so added should not exceed 240days – G.O.Ms.No.270P &A.R. dt.14.8.97.

(b) Saturday and Sunday should not be included in crediting unavailed joining time – G.O.ibid.

Author’s view : In respect of temporary employees and probationers the unavailed joining time, if credited to the E.L. account, total leave should not exceed 30days.

(c) The transferred employee should apply for crediting the Joining Time within Six months from the date of his transfer – G.O.ibid.

(d) An employee is transferred to foreign service. He is relieved. But he did not take Joining Time. In that case, Unavailed Joining Time be credited to his E.L.account irrespective of the fact who bears the liability. Crediting in the account may be done by the authority who maintains the leave account – Govt.Lr.No.100270/F.R.III/88-18, dt.26.10.90.

Calculation of Joining Time

The officer on transfer, shall be given six days for preparation which is called Preparation Time – (Instruction (2) under under F.R.106)

In addition, he shall be given journey time to reach the new station by a reasonable conveyance which will be normally used by the Public. In order to calculate the days for travel, following guide lines are given in F.R.106(Rule ibid).


By Rail


Per day and one more day for part there of


By Ocean Steamer




By River Steamer




By Motor Vehicle or horse drawn vehicle




By any other Conveyance




By Air Actual time consumed for the Air Journey

(Travel by Ocean or river steamer are not in practice now. The rules were framed when the British ruled us and when the Madras state was called Presidency comprising Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala at the a time where travel by steamer, bullock, elephant, walk etc., were unavoidable. Now, roads have been laid and conveyance ply throughout the length and breath of the state. The rule makers should examine these aspects and remove these out dated and unworthy rules from the F.R.II will help to reduce confusions because the rules are not always handled by people – Author)

Hoildays, Saturdays and Sundays?

(a) Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays will not be allowed to enjoy . They will be treated as Joining time – G.O.Ms.No.207 P & A.R.dt.14.8.97.

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