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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Recruitment of Assistant Surgeons (Direct) on Zonal basis -Withdrawn - Orders Issued.


G.O. (Ms) 348 Dated: 9-10-2000


1. G.O. (Ms) No. 29. Health and Famiy Welfare, dated 11.1.1996.

2. G.O.Ms.No.558 Health and Family Welfare, dated 14-10-1998

3. From the Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Letter No. 52814/E5/ 2000/ Al, dated 8.6.2000.


The Government introduced Zonal System in the Government Order first read above to fulfil the allowed objetive of the Government lo provide adequate to the ailing Public in remote areas and also to streamline the procedure for selection and appointment of Assistant Surgeons in a more rationale manner by the Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.

2. The Goverment have also Public stipulated in the Goverment Order first read above, the Assistant Surgeons selected and appointed on zonal have should serve for a minimum period of 10 years in the respective zones opted by them.

3. Subrequently in the Goverment Order, seccond read above, the Government issued orders that the appointment to the post of Assistant Surgeon be made by the Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine through Counselling.

4. The Director of Public Health nnd Preventive Medicine Im reported that in view of the rule position to serve in a particular zone for not less than 10 years, of which rural Service should not be less than 5 years the doctors are reluctant to work in zones which are not of their choice and continue lo avoid postings in these zones by responding to various means despite orders of postings to deficient districts. This has resulted in the anamoly of doctors awaiting postings on one hand and shortage of doctors on the other hand, thus defeating main objective of the Zonal system The Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine has held the view that in the absence of Zonal System.

The Department would be better placed to insist the doctors to work al least lo shorter period in deficient district to take over the crisis, In view of ihe practica difficulties in implementing the appointment of Assistant Surgeons in Genera line, on zonal basis the Director of Public Health and preventive Medical has suggested to the Government to consider the withdrawal of the Zonal system o posting the. Assistant Surgeons in Primary Health.

5. The Government have examined the suggestion of the Director o Public Health and Preventive Medicine in detail and have decided that the zona system may be dispensed with prospectively, subject to the condition tha Assistant Surgeons posted in Primary Health Centres should necessarily serve in the particular Primary Health Centre, continuously for not less than five years.

6. The Government according issue the following orders:

(i) the Zonal System introduced in the Government Order first read above be withdrawn and the existing system of appointing Assistant Surgeons selected by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, through counselling by the Director of Public Health and Preventive Medical be continued and

(ii) 5 years of continuous Service in a Primary Health centre be compulsory at the time of first appointment of Assistant Surgeons in the Tarn Nadu Medical Service.

7. The Director of Public Health Preventive Medicine is directed to send suitable draft amendments of the exiting special rules for Tamil Nadu Medica service.




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  1. sir

    can you give the details regarding the recruitment process for the post of asst surgeon in PHCs...which is currently underway

    the hon`ble minister says there are 750 vacancies ...but the DPH is recruiting only 350 as of now

    what about the remaining it for indian medicine practitioners or specialists or is that also only for MBBS graduates


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