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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tamil Nadu govt wage bill got heftier

It is rejoicing time for state government employees’ of Tamil Nadu, with their compensation scales brought on par with the central government staff.

Sample some statistics: the deputy collector is the biggest beneficiary with his total emoluments going up to Rs 30,730 post revision compared to Rs 23,430 that the official drew as on January 1, 2006. With a wage hike of Rs 1,310, noon-meal organisers would now get a total wage of Rs 4,780.

Extending the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations to its own employees, the TN government revised the salaries of its staff that would benefit 12 lakh government employees, including local body officials and noon-meal scheme workers, besides six lakh pensioners, TN finance secretary K Gnanadesikan told reporters at the Secretariat on Sunday.

Despite declining tax revenues due to the economic slowdown and the increasing financial burden, the state has gone ahead with its implementation. Against annual revenue estimates of Rs 59,000 crore, TN’s wage bill component of revenue expenditure constitutes Rs 14,000 crore on salaries and Rs 7,000 crore on pensions.

The pay revision would result in an additional recurring expenditure of Rs 5155.79 crore annually. The house rent and the city compensatory allowances, granted for the first time to all employees on special time scales of pay including noon-meal workers, had been doubled, Mr Gnanadesikan said.

The revised pay scales would be implemented with effect from January 1, 2006 notionally, while the monetary benefit would be applicable from January 1, 2007. On account of this measure and the "carry forward" effect, retirees would also stand to gain a pension bonanza.

The state government would also incur a further expenditure of Rs 11,093 crore on account of payment arrears, but the payout would be in three equal annual instalments. "We have already factored this in our budget calculations," he said in response to a question.

Arrears on pay revision after adjustment of interim arrears would be paid in cash in three equal instalments in the years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12. Mr Gnanadesikan said the first instalment would be released immediately post the issuance of government orders. The Central pay scales are being continuously implemented in TN.

Asked about any specific plan to handle the revenue gap, he said stamp duty and registration charges collection had declined by 30% in view of dwindling property transactions. Inflation and stagnation in VAT collections had also impacted revenues. However, by the first quarter of 2010, recovery is expected and the state has been safeguarded adequately.

Mr Gnanadesikan also said the Central finance commission team members are scheduled to visit the state on June 4 or 5. TN would seek to impress upon them to enhance its share in the devolution of funds.


  • Existing pay scales to be revised on Central ‘pay scale to pay scale’ basis
  • Allowances have been doubled
  • Annual increment will be @3% of pay plus grade pay as in GoI
  • DA will be sanctioned at same rates and on same date in the revised pay structure as sanctioned by GoI
  • New pay scale of Rs 7000-225-11500 has been created for post of ministerial superintendent so as to place this post one level above that of the assistant section officer in secretariat and a corresponding revised pay scale of Rs 9300-34800 with a grade pay of Rs 4800 with effect from 12.12.07 will be granted
  • Existing slab rates of HRA and CCA will be doubled
  • Eligibility for travelling allowance has been modified suitably keeping in view existing levels
  • Gratuity ceiling enhanced from Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh
  • Family pensioners who exercise option to contribute Rs 50 per month from their family pension would be included in TN Pensioners’ Health Fund Scheme
  • Consolidated pay/fixed pay/honorarium has been enhanced ensuring uniform increase of 25% of the existing emoluments

Tamil Nadu government announces pay hikes

The Tamil Nadu government Sunday announced huge increases in the salaries of its employees ranging between Rs.1,774 and Rs.7,300 per month.

The pay hike is expected to shoot up the government’s annual expenditure by Rs.5,155.79 crore, while the initial cost would be around Rs.11,093 crore, an official statement said.

On the basis of the recommendations of a special committee and the Sixth Pay Commission, the government has decided to hike salaries of its employees despite additional initial financial burden and increased annual expenditures, it said.

“The total payment will be paid in instalments between the current financial year and 2011,” the statement added.

According to the statement, the salary increments will range between Rs.1,774 and Rs.7,300 per month from office assistant to deputy collector.

Medical officers protest sixth pay panel report

NAGPUR: The sixth pay commission may have benefited most government employees, but medical officers (MOs) in the state claim they are one of the

biggest losers. They say that the new package of salaries has brought down their status and devalued their position among medical professionals as well as other administrative staff.

Irked by the recent GR, which brings the MOs (grade A) in the 9300-35,000 scale, public health sector doctors have joined hands under the banner of Federation of Health Officers (doctors) (FOHA), and submitted a memorandum to district collectors across the state demanding equal status with Central government medical officers, who have been retained in the upper salary slabs. “Today we submitted a memorandum, but on June 4 we will wear black badges. On June 20, officials will stop reporting to work under the National Rural Health Mission, and from June 30 they will stop work for one hour,” said Dr Sanjay Manekar, regional FOHA secretary.

He said that the sixth pay commission had brought the MOs at par with salaries of class III staff nurses and senior clerks. “The state government has not approved the Dynamic Career Assurance Progress Scheme (DCAPS) of the Central government and this has put us in the dock,” Dr Mankar said. Dental medical officers too claim to have been affected by the new GR.

GO No 13 Dated 11.01.2008 Health and Family Welfare Department - Designating Medical Officers and Tutors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors in Medical Colleges

DME - Associate Professor Promotion Counselling

Directorate of Medical Education,
Kilpauk, Chennai-10. Dt. 05.09.
Sub: Tamil Nadu Medical Services – Filling up of the posts Associate Professor by promotion – Counseling dates Postponed – re-scheduled - informed - reg.
Ref: This Office Circular of Even No.dt. 24.05.09.
In continuation of the reference read above, it is proposed to conduct the promotion counseling for the post of Associate Professors in Non-Clinical Specialities, Super Specialities and Dental Surgery and is slated on 2nd June (Tuesday) of 2009. The Instructions already issued are applicable to this promotion counseling also without any changes.
02.06.09 – 10.00 A.M. onwards - Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine ,Community Medicine and Blood Transfusion Medicine.
02.00 P.M. Onwards - Urology, Nephrology, Neurology, Neuro-Surgery, Geriatric Surgery, Haematology, Medical Oncology, Paediatric Neurology, Plastic Surgery, Cardiology, Cardio-thoracic Surgery, Surgical
Gastro-enterology. Dental Surgery.

The above information should be brought to the notice of all the Medical Officers in the above Specialities with instructions to attend the counseling on 02.06.09 without fail.
Director of Medical Education.
All the Heads of Institutions under the control of this Directorate.
Copy to: The Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, Chennai-6.
The Director of Medical and Rural Health Services (ESI), Chennai-6.
The Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Chennai-6.
Copy submitted to: The Principal Secretary to Government,
Health and Family Welfare Department, Chennai-6.
Copy to: The Director, Social Welfare Department, Chennai-5.
The Secretary, Selection Committee, Chennai-10.
The Manager, O.P. Section,
P.C. to Director of Medical Education.

Friday, May 29, 2009

DPH Instructions : Doctors Counselling

From: "Dr. S. Elango"
Subject: Urgent msg to DDHS
Date: Fri, May 29, 2009 12:03 pm

To :

All Deputy Directors of Health Services


In continuation of this Office R.No. 39004/E5/A1/09. All Deputy Directors of Health Services are informed that only TNPSC Doctors working in MMUs alone though they have not completed one year of service in the present working station are permitted to attend the transfer counselling to be held on 30.5.2009 at Health and Family Welfare Training Centre, Egmore, Chennai 600 009.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Chennai 600 006

Yours sincerely

Dr. S. Elango, MD DPH DIH
Director of Public Health and
Preventive Medicine
Chennai 600 006

DPH Counselling on 30.05.2009

DPH Counselling

All MOs (including 10 A 1, MMOs) completed 1 year station seniority are eligible. Mobile MOs cleared TNPSC eligible even less than a year

State Secretary

Thursday, May 28, 2009

DME - Intra Directorate Transfer Counselling - on 04.06.2009

Ref.No.35792 /E3(2)/09                                              Directorate of Medical Education,
                                                                                    Kilpauk, Chennai-10.
                                                                                    Dt. 26. 05.09.
                        Sub:  Tamil Nadu Medical Services – Intra Directorate Transfer
                                 Counselling – Reg.
            The Intra - Directorate Transfer Counselling for Medical Officers working under the control of Directorate of Medical Education is slated on 4th June (Thursday) at Directorate of Medical  Education, Kilpauk, Chennai-10.
04.06.09   - 09.00 A.M. Onwards              - Medicine , Allied Specialities and
                                                                    Non-clinical Specialities.
                               02.00 P.M. Onwards               - Surgery , Allied Specialities including
                                                                                 Dental and Super Specialities.
Medical Officers who are willing to attend the Counselling should come with Service Particulars duly signed on or after 27.05.09 by the Heads of Medical Institutions, attested photo copies of  Post-Graduate Degree/Diploma  and Super Speciality Degree Certificates and Proforma duly filled and signed by the personnel concerned.
Encl:  Proforma
                                                                                                Director of Medical Education.
All the Heads of Medical  Institutions under the control
   of this Directorate.
Copy to:  The Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, Chennai-6
               The Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Chennai-6
               The Director of Medical and Rural Health Services (ESI), Chennai-6.
Copy submitted to:  The Principal Secretary to Government,
                                Health and Family Welfare Department, Chennai-9.
  1. Those who have completed 5 years of teaching experience and re-designated as Readers (Civil Surgeon) will be posted  back to the teaching posts wherever they are to fulfill the teaching complement and to share their rich experience in teaching and patients’  care.
  2. Medical Officers who have not completed 5 years of  teaching experience as Asst. Professors will be given priority as per the C.M.L. Seniority of 2005 and the shortage of years or months  if any.
  3. Diploma holders who are occupying teaching posts will be displaced if the said teaching posts have to be given to the qualified Medical Officers
  4. The Medical Officers who have been designated as Readers (Civil Surgeons) can opt for other colleges  within the city and those who have not completed the stipulated teaching experience irrespective of their cadre will not be permitted for the same to avoid  any administrative entangles.
  5. Medical Officers appointed on 10 (a) (i) basis have necessarily  to move to the non-      teaching posts if they are occupying   teaching posts.
  1. Medical Officers with MBBS qualification with C.M.L. seniority will be given priority for posting as  Casualty Medical Officer or Tutor in Forensic Medicine with the condition that they have to work for minimum of 3 years or till get selected for under-going P..G. Course.
  2. Medical Officers (Asst.Surgeons/Senior Asst.Surgeons) who have completed stipulated teaching experience will be accommodated in the non-teaching posts like all Intensive Care Units, Emergency and Trauma care Units, NGGO O.P.,Blood Bank, Hospital Asst.Surgeons posts etc.,in order to give chance for other Medical Officers to acquire teaching experience for future promotion.
  3. In Non-Clinical Departments priority for Tutor posts will be given only to the Medical Officers with MBBS., and Post-Graduate Diploma holders who have already reached the pay scale of 10000-325-15200 as Civil Surgeon if no qualified personnel is available
  4. All Peripheral Hospital posts will be allotted to the Medical Officers who are appointed on 10 (a) (i) basis and appointed for P.G. Blond purpose and Diploma holders.
  5. The Approved Probationers and Probationers  who are working in Peripheral Hospital with Master Degree and Super Speciality Degree and with station seniority    will be given preference for postings in Teaching Institutions.
  6. Medical Officers with D.M.R.D., D.M.R.T.,and D.T.C.D. will be given preference even though they are having only  Post-Gradate Diploma in the faculty concerned.
  1. For all Teaching posts, CML Seniority alone is the criteria irrespective of the year of
      completion of Post-Graduate Course since they have to be promoted earlier than  their
  1. Station seniority will be considered only for mere transfers in the Institutions where they are seeking transfers and no guarantee will be offered for teaching posts by mobilizing any Medical officer who is already occupying the posts unless there is proper justification.
  2. Medical Officers working under the control of Director of Medical and Rural Health
Services, Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and  Director of Medical and Rural Health Services (ESI) and have finished five years of teaching experience as Asst. Professors or re-designated as Readers (Civil surgeons) can come back to Directorate of Medical Education  side if they prefer promotion as Associate Professors in their faculty concerned in future.  They will be considered during Inter-Directorates transfer counseling.
                                                                              Director of Medical Education.
                                                                                                C.M.L.No.                     /2005
1.  Name                                                         :
2. Qualification                                                :
3.  Designation of the present post                 :
4.  Date of Birth                                               :
5.  Date of joining service                               :
6.  Date of Regularisation of Service              :
7.  Whether Probationer/Approved
     Probationer                                                :          
8.  Whether a 10(a) (i) appointment
     If yes, through Employment or P.G.
     Bond purpose                                            :
9.  Whether passed Departmental Exams     :
9.  Date of joining in the present post             :
10.  Date of joining in the present Institution   :
11.  Date of Passing Post-Graduate Degree/
      (Dip.N.B., not considered)                                    :
12.  Whether copy of service particulars
       Enclosed                                                    :
13.  Details of the Leave availed in the
       Last one year except CL/COL/PL            :
                                                                        - 2 -
14.  Whether Teaching experience of 5
            Years as Asst.Professors
            completed or not
       (Only for P.G.Degree Holders)                 :
15.  Name of the Speciality to which transfer
       Sought for.
16.  Name of the Institution to which transfer
      Sought for (Priority of choice should be
Certified that the above details furnished are true to my knowledge.
Signature of the Medical Officer
The details furnished above are verified with Service Register and found correct.
    C.S.M.O./Superintendent/Director /Dean
                                            CALCULATION OF STATION SENIORITY
                                                                                                             Y           M              D
1.  Date of Counselling.
2.  Date from which working in the present station          :              
Total period worked in the present station
(excluding the leave)
Less Leave Period :   EOL
                                   Employment Abroad
                                   UEL on Private Affiars
                                   Unauthorised absence                  :
Stationer Seniority                                                                                                                                                      

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doubts about Maternity Leave

Dear ____,

Regarding maternity leave for my wife..
My wife who is a ___ joined at _______ GH on June 25th 2007 and she availed maternity leave from June 2nd 2008...
She joined under bond that she signed while joining his course to work in governement setup..
Now we are planning to apply for maternity leave pay arrears
Is she eligible for all 3 months as she took leave before one year was over
Do u have any suggestions..


Dear Dr,

Since the Candidate has joined in 2007 under Rule 10 A 1, she has to clear the TNPSC. Did she appear in General TNPSC 2009. If so, if she is selected, her services will be regularised. Or else she has to appear in a special TNPSC which will be conducted subsequently (check Doubts about 10 A 1 Counselling and General TNPSC Clarified, More doubts about 10 A 1, When will my services be regularised, and other posts in TNPSC Forum,, for more details)

Only after getting selected by a TNPSC, (General or Special) the services will be regularised.

After that probation has to be declared. Only after that you can claim the leave. Please wait for some time

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SPSS Training. Proposal Development & Report Writing for Development Projects

Dear Ma'am/ Sir,
We are pleased to announce the following bouquet of trainings during the month of June & July 2009. 
June 23-26, 2009 - Basic & Advanced Analysis using SPSS, Chennai
July 07-09, 2009 - Monitoring & Evaluation of Development Projects, New Delhi
July 10-11, 2009 - Proposal Development & Report Writing for Development Projects, New Delhi
July 15-18, 2009 - Basic & Advanced Analysis using SPSS, Mumbai
July 28-31, 2009 - Basic & Advanced Analysis using SPSS, Hyderabad
If you are interested in the training please send request mail for flyer and registration form. 
Please share this with professionals in your organization, partner organizations and others who may be interested in this International Training Programme. We shall be happy to answer any queries that you may have in this regard.
With Warm Regards,
Kamya Khanna 
Excella Orbit 
Sambodhi Research & Communications Pvt. Ltd. 
O2, 2nd Floor, Lajpat Nagar - II 
New Delhi - 110024 
+91 11 40560734, 65492502 

Associate Professor - Superspeciality and Non Clinical - Promotion Counselling

Associate Professor - Superspeciality and Non Clinical - Promotion Counselling on 26.05.2009 and Proposed Assistant Professor Transfer Counselling on 27.05.2009 is postponed in View of MCI Visits to new colleges

State Secretary

Monday, May 25, 2009

DME AP Counselling - Request to District Office Bearers

District Office Bearers are requested to ensure that the latest vacancy report of your college is send by fax to DDME (A&R) by 25.05.2009. Letter to Deans from DME in this regard can be got from our office by Fax. State Secretary

Sunday, May 24, 2009

DME AP Counselling - Request to District Office Bearers

District Office Bearers are requested to ensure that the latest vacancy report of your college is send by fax to DDME (A&R) by 25.05.2009. Letter to Deans from DME in this regard can be got from our office by Fax. State Secretary

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tiruvarur Government Medical College to start functioning from this academic year

Special Correspondent

MAKING A POINT: Dairy Development Minister U. Mathivanan discussing with officials about progress in construction of buildings for Government Medical College in Tiruvarur on Thursday.

TIRUVARUR: The Government Medical College at Tiruvarur will start functioning from this academic year.
Officials of the Indian Medical Council will visit Tiruvarur in June and make an assessment of the works completed. After the visit, Health Minister and Health Secretary will take steps to admit students to the college, Dairy Development Minister U. Mathivanan said here on Thursday after inspecting the works on the construction of the buildings for the college. Students will be admitted from this academic year itself, he said.
The college is coming up at a total cost of Rs. 100 crore. Thirty nine acres of land has been allotted in the Collectorate master complex for the purpose. A sum of Rs. 42.77 crore has been allotted in the first phase for construction of buildings. A 300-bed hospital building is coming up at a cost of Rs. 26.18 crore, another 200-bed hospital at a cost of Rs. 6.88 crore, an outpatient ward at a cost of Rs. 6.5 crore, a central laboratory and a blood bank building at a cost of Rs. 2.30 crore. “Sixty per cent of the works of these buildings have been completed,” the Minister said.
In the second phase, buildings for various departments, hostel facilities for girls and boys and examination hall will be constructed. A sum of Rs. 50.93 crore has been allotted for the purpose. Tenders have been called for these works.
They will be finalised in a fortnight and works taken up, the Minister said. Initially students will be staying in temporary hostels till the works on hostels is completed. The Minister advised engineers to expedite the work.
John Louis, District Revenue Officer, accompanied the Minister during his visit.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Associate Professor Promotion – Counselling dates rescheduled

           Kilpauk,Chennai 10 dt. 18. 05.09
Sub: TNMS- Filling up of the vacant posts of Associate Professor by
                     Promotion – Counselling dates rescheduled -  informed – Regarding.
            Ref:  This office letter Ref.No.005/E1/1/09 dated 29.4.09.
  The promotion counseling for the post of Associate Professor for both Clinical and Non-Clinical Specialities which was postponed twice for administrative reasons is now fixed on the following dates:    The  Heads of the Departments and the Heads of the Institutions are requested to circulate this rescheduled counseling programme among all the Medical Officers working under their control.
1. 23.5.2009    Saturday 10 A.M.onwards  :   Psychiatry, T.B.&Chest Diseases  
                                                                        Radiology, Radio Therapy 
                                                                        & Paed.Medicine
                                        2 P.M.onwards        Dermatolgy,Venerology, General 
                                                                        Medicine,Diabetology and Physical 
                                                                        Medicine. Sunday      10 A.M.onwards       E.N.T. Ophthalmology, 
                                                                        Anaesthesiology,  Orthopaedics
                    2 P.M.onwards      General surgery and Obstetrics & 
3. 26.5.2009  Tuesday      10 A.M.onwards    Anatomy,Physiology, Biochemistry,
             Pharmacology,Forensic Medicine
             Community Medicinie and Blood
             Transfusion Medicine
                                         2 P.M.onwards      Super Speciality and Dental Surgery
  The receipt of this circular may kindly be acknowledged in the first instance.
     Director of Medical Education.
 All Heads of Medical Institutions under the control of this Directorate
Copy to: The Director of Medical & Rural Health Services , Chennai 6.
               The Director of Medical & Rural Health Services (ESI), Chennai 6
               The Director of Public & Preventive Medicine, Chennai 6.
   The Director, Social Welfare Department, Chennai 5 for circulating 
   among the     I.C.D.S.Medical Officers
Copy submitted to:  The Principal Secretary to Government, Health and Family 
                                 Welfare   Department, Chennai-9.
Copy  to:   The  Special P.A. to Honourable Minister for Health and Family 
                  Welfare, Chennai-9
               The Secretary,Selection Committee, Chennai 10.
               The Manager,Directorate of Medical Education.
          Copy to:    P.C. to Director of Medical Education.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Protesting medicos in Hyderabad opt for a flash strike


Hyderabad, Dec 3 (ANI): The protests by medicos in Hyderabad against the alleged misbehaviour by a legislator continued on Monday with junior doctors of Niloufer Hospital going on a flash strike.
An MLA belonging to the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) Afsar Khan allegedly attacked the medicos second time after the Sunday incident when the legislator had attacked the doctors on duty.
Khan and his accomplices have alleged that the doctors delayed in giving treatment to a child belonging to a MIM activist that led to the child’s death.
The child’s father, Junaid and his relatives reportedly created a ruckus in the hospital leading to their arrests.
Monday’s strike has hit the services at the hospital. However, official sources have refuted reports that six children have died because of the strike.
Meanwhile, to overcome the situation, the State Health Minister Aruna Kumari said that the help of doctors from other hospitals have been sought to maintain services at the Niloufer Hospital.
“I held talks with the junior doctors and I ordered an enquiry by the joint collector into the incident since it involves Speaker’s consent to arrest the MLA,” said Kumari.
The superintendent of Niloufer hospital Narasimha Rao described the incident as a case of misunderstanding between the doctors and the relatives of the baby patient.
“We used to get 100 to 120 admissions everyday. That day also we got 70 cases and in one case the patient was brought dead, and its unfortunate that the relatives psychological phobia led to the incident,” said Rao.
The striking doctors have alleged that the incidents of misbehaviour are on increase and there is no security provided by the government. (ANI)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Number of medical aspirants plunges 65% in 5 years


MUMBAI: Here’s a bitter reality pill—the number of aspiring doctors in the state has progressively declined over the past four years. About 80,000 students took the health sciences entrance exam in 2004, but only 28,551 will do so this year. On the other hand, the number of engineering aspirants seems to have spurted.

There was a time when the state did not even conduct an entrance test for aspiring engineers—they were merely admitted on the basis of their Class XII physics, chemistry and math scores. In 2004, when the state introduced an entrance exam for engineering, 52,400 students sat for it. This time around, over 95,000 (see box) will be vying for 71,701 seats across Maharashtra.

While most engineers walk into an MBA programme, the passport to a successful career and high salary, medical students spend close to ten years buried in books. Apart from the punishing length of the course, vice-chancellor of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Dr Mrudula Phadke, points to another reason that has discouraged students from studying medicine. “The number of postgraduate seats has also fallen, reducing the guarantee of a seat at that stage,’’ she said.

If seats in medicine have remained constant over the years, the engineering course has become the new motor for success. From 2002 to 2004, several seats in engineering courses went abegging, but with the IT revolution, 40 new colleges in the state have sprung up every year. Now, Maharashtra has the third highest number of engineering colleges after Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

An official of the state Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) echoed the sentiment of lakhs of students when he said that an engineer’s career begins with a hefty pay packet while a doctor’s is much slower to take off. “A doctor who graduates takes years to secure a place for himself in the fraternity before he can establish himself. Besides, job prospects for doctors are falling,’’ the official said.

Dr Vivek Korde, president of the Forum Against Commercialisation of Education, said when the Unnikrishnan formula was in place, meritorious students would get into the medical stream because 50% of the seats were under a government quota. Until 2003, even private medical colleges across Maharashtra had to hand over half their seats to the government and the state in turn admitted students on merit for an annual fee of Rs 18,000. “Now, private colleges don’t give seats to the government and there are merely 2,000 seats in the government and corporation medical colleges. Private colleges are unaffordable for middle-class students,’’ Korde added.

After the T M A Pai ruling and the Islamic judgment struck down the government quota in private institutes from 2004-05, there were only 44,537 medical aspirants in Maharashtra in the following year, and since then their numbers have further dwindled.

In all, 2.49 lakh students will be taking the MHT-CET on May 12, while close to 1.25 lakh undecided candidates will give both biology and maths a shot.

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