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Thursday, May 28, 2009

DME - Intra Directorate Transfer Counselling - on 04.06.2009

Ref.No.35792 /E3(2)/09                                              Directorate of Medical Education,
                                                                                    Kilpauk, Chennai-10.
                                                                                    Dt. 26. 05.09.
                        Sub:  Tamil Nadu Medical Services – Intra Directorate Transfer
                                 Counselling – Reg.
            The Intra - Directorate Transfer Counselling for Medical Officers working under the control of Directorate of Medical Education is slated on 4th June (Thursday) at Directorate of Medical  Education, Kilpauk, Chennai-10.
04.06.09   - 09.00 A.M. Onwards              - Medicine , Allied Specialities and
                                                                    Non-clinical Specialities.
                               02.00 P.M. Onwards               - Surgery , Allied Specialities including
                                                                                 Dental and Super Specialities.
Medical Officers who are willing to attend the Counselling should come with Service Particulars duly signed on or after 27.05.09 by the Heads of Medical Institutions, attested photo copies of  Post-Graduate Degree/Diploma  and Super Speciality Degree Certificates and Proforma duly filled and signed by the personnel concerned.
Encl:  Proforma
                                                                                                Director of Medical Education.
All the Heads of Medical  Institutions under the control
   of this Directorate.
Copy to:  The Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, Chennai-6
               The Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Chennai-6
               The Director of Medical and Rural Health Services (ESI), Chennai-6.
Copy submitted to:  The Principal Secretary to Government,
                                Health and Family Welfare Department, Chennai-9.
  1. Those who have completed 5 years of teaching experience and re-designated as Readers (Civil Surgeon) will be posted  back to the teaching posts wherever they are to fulfill the teaching complement and to share their rich experience in teaching and patients’  care.
  2. Medical Officers who have not completed 5 years of  teaching experience as Asst. Professors will be given priority as per the C.M.L. Seniority of 2005 and the shortage of years or months  if any.
  3. Diploma holders who are occupying teaching posts will be displaced if the said teaching posts have to be given to the qualified Medical Officers
  4. The Medical Officers who have been designated as Readers (Civil Surgeons) can opt for other colleges  within the city and those who have not completed the stipulated teaching experience irrespective of their cadre will not be permitted for the same to avoid  any administrative entangles.
  5. Medical Officers appointed on 10 (a) (i) basis have necessarily  to move to the non-      teaching posts if they are occupying   teaching posts.
  1. Medical Officers with MBBS qualification with C.M.L. seniority will be given priority for posting as  Casualty Medical Officer or Tutor in Forensic Medicine with the condition that they have to work for minimum of 3 years or till get selected for under-going P..G. Course.
  2. Medical Officers (Asst.Surgeons/Senior Asst.Surgeons) who have completed stipulated teaching experience will be accommodated in the non-teaching posts like all Intensive Care Units, Emergency and Trauma care Units, NGGO O.P.,Blood Bank, Hospital Asst.Surgeons posts etc.,in order to give chance for other Medical Officers to acquire teaching experience for future promotion.
  3. In Non-Clinical Departments priority for Tutor posts will be given only to the Medical Officers with MBBS., and Post-Graduate Diploma holders who have already reached the pay scale of 10000-325-15200 as Civil Surgeon if no qualified personnel is available
  4. All Peripheral Hospital posts will be allotted to the Medical Officers who are appointed on 10 (a) (i) basis and appointed for P.G. Blond purpose and Diploma holders.
  5. The Approved Probationers and Probationers  who are working in Peripheral Hospital with Master Degree and Super Speciality Degree and with station seniority    will be given preference for postings in Teaching Institutions.
  6. Medical Officers with D.M.R.D., D.M.R.T.,and D.T.C.D. will be given preference even though they are having only  Post-Gradate Diploma in the faculty concerned.
  1. For all Teaching posts, CML Seniority alone is the criteria irrespective of the year of
      completion of Post-Graduate Course since they have to be promoted earlier than  their
  1. Station seniority will be considered only for mere transfers in the Institutions where they are seeking transfers and no guarantee will be offered for teaching posts by mobilizing any Medical officer who is already occupying the posts unless there is proper justification.
  2. Medical Officers working under the control of Director of Medical and Rural Health
Services, Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and  Director of Medical and Rural Health Services (ESI) and have finished five years of teaching experience as Asst. Professors or re-designated as Readers (Civil surgeons) can come back to Directorate of Medical Education  side if they prefer promotion as Associate Professors in their faculty concerned in future.  They will be considered during Inter-Directorates transfer counseling.
                                                                              Director of Medical Education.
                                                                                                C.M.L.No.                     /2005
1.  Name                                                         :
2. Qualification                                                :
3.  Designation of the present post                 :
4.  Date of Birth                                               :
5.  Date of joining service                               :
6.  Date of Regularisation of Service              :
7.  Whether Probationer/Approved
     Probationer                                                :          
8.  Whether a 10(a) (i) appointment
     If yes, through Employment or P.G.
     Bond purpose                                            :
9.  Whether passed Departmental Exams     :
9.  Date of joining in the present post             :
10.  Date of joining in the present Institution   :
11.  Date of Passing Post-Graduate Degree/
      (Dip.N.B., not considered)                                    :
12.  Whether copy of service particulars
       Enclosed                                                    :
13.  Details of the Leave availed in the
       Last one year except CL/COL/PL            :
                                                                        - 2 -
14.  Whether Teaching experience of 5
            Years as Asst.Professors
            completed or not
       (Only for P.G.Degree Holders)                 :
15.  Name of the Speciality to which transfer
       Sought for.
16.  Name of the Institution to which transfer
      Sought for (Priority of choice should be
Certified that the above details furnished are true to my knowledge.
Signature of the Medical Officer
The details furnished above are verified with Service Register and found correct.
    C.S.M.O./Superintendent/Director /Dean
                                            CALCULATION OF STATION SENIORITY
                                                                                                             Y           M              D
1.  Date of Counselling.
2.  Date from which working in the present station          :              
Total period worked in the present station
(excluding the leave)
Less Leave Period :   EOL
                                   Employment Abroad
                                   UEL on Private Affiars
                                   Unauthorised absence                  :
Stationer Seniority                                                                                                                                                      

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