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Friday, May 8, 2009

Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association (TNGDA) Official eLibrary

Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association (TNGDA) Official eLibrary

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  1. Sir, When the strike was called off abruptly it was told that the Office bearers had got an agreement signed by the Hon'ble Health Minister and Health Secretary that DCAP will be implemented at 8,15 and 20 years and VRS is accepted for clinical specialties.They said pay hike on par with Central Government Doctors will be given with effect from September 1st and GO regarding this will be issued before August 31st. Now this is October 14th and 1 1/2 months have elapsed from the dead line and all the office bearers of the TNGDA are keeping quiet and the TNGDA website is not updated with the status of the G.O. When will the G.O come out? Why should we wait anymore? The CRRIs and PGs were staunch on their demands and achieved their goal immediately and got pay hike and are drawing the hiked pay. In spite of all the Doctors giving enormous support for the strike nothing has been achieved till now. Please see to that all the Doctors get benefitted immediately. It is already late. Government is announcing hike for several other employees like Arts College teachers and keepin mum on our demands.TNGDA office bearers should raise their voice once again immediately in order to get our demands met by the Government. Already lot of displeasure exists on the present TNGDA office bearers. This is not good. Please get things done immediately and update the website on the status of the GO on Pay Band immediately.


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