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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Employed in More than One Medical College

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Over a period of last 1-2 years by considering the inspection reports of various medical colleges seeking permissions/renewals under Section 10A of the Act, it was felt and observed that a large number of doctors are claiming employment as medical teachers in more than one medical college at the same time. It was being observed that the names of the doctors shown as medical teachers in a particular medical college were getting repeated in the inspection reports of certain other medical colleges, in the same proximity of time.

Apparently, the medical colleges and the medical teachers were indulging in such activities only to show to the inspection team of the Council that the colleges concerned are fulfilling the minimum requirement for the teaching staff for seeking permissions/renewals under Section 10A of the Act.

The Council, therefore, to curb such unscrupulous tendencies, started adopting methods in this regard. Declaration forms were introduced to be signed by the doctors claiming employment as medical teachers in any given medical college and that they also remain present along with their declaration forms, at the time of the conduct of the inspection of that college.

Subsequently, a provision for endorsement by the Dean/Principal of the medical college was also introduced in the declaration forms to make this requirement more efficient and effective by stating that in the event of any declaration made by a particular medical teacher turns out to be untrue and incorrect, the Dean/Principal of the college putting signatures as endorsement of the truthfulness of the statement made in the declaration would also be held responsible in that event.

Needless to state that the Council has always tried to improve in this regard for ensuring that such misdeclarations / misstatements are completely eliminated or minimized to the extent possible with the clear perception that the Council should take appropriate action against such erring doctors whenever it is found that the particular doctor has furnished more than one declaration forms towards claiming teaching employment in any medical college when such a doctor has already furnished similar declaration for claiming employment as medical teacher in certain other medical colleges at the same point of time.

This problem has engaged attention of the Council continuously during the last 1-2 years. The cases have also been considered by the Ethics Committee of the Council. Whenever it has been found that a particular doctor is claiming employment as medical teacher at the same point of time in more than one medical colleges, show cause notices had been issued seeking their replies. They were given due opportunities to present their explanation before the Ethics Committee.

At its meeting held on 12.10.2004, before the General Body, cases of such misdeclarations and misstatement by the medical teachers have been placed for consideration. The Ethics Committee of the Council, after granting opportunity of being heard to all of these doctors, has recommended imposition of punishment of removal of their names from the Indian Medical Register maintained by the Council.

This issue was considered by the General Body of the Council with all required seriousness. Undoubtedly, such kind of misconduct is much more serious than the alleged negligence in cases of treating the patients by doctors. Such misdeclarations/ misstatements are made to cause deception not only to the Council but also on the Central Govt. for extracting permissions/renewals under Section 10A of the Act.

The worst part is that ultimately it is those innocent students who get admissions in such medical colleges where the minimum required medical teachers are shown only in such a dubious manner, causes irreparable prejudice to the fair interests of those students and further also to the patients who may be treated by such half-baked students who would not get their exposure and training with the minimum required number of medical teachers available to them.

The General Body was clearly of the view that such a tendency has to be completely eliminated and not only curbed. The situation does not brook any lenience in this regard and deserves to be dealt with a heavy hand. No doctor should ever be allowed to make such false declaration and get away with it. Timely efficient action in this regard is the need of the hour. It should also act as an effective deterrent so that others who are getting tempted to indulge into such activities should feel reluctant to do so.

The Council, therefore, without any ambiguity unanimously decided as under:-

The names of the following teachers be erased temporarily upto 31st July, 2007.

He/She will not be eligible to be counted as a teacher at the inspections to be carried out by MCI for the academic years 2005-06 and 2006-07.

The names of all such teachers be published on the website and a circular be sent to all the Directors of Medical Education of all the States, all the Universities and all the Medical Colleges/Institutions.

It was further decided that in case of non-medical teachers who is not possessing a medical degree or a registration certificate, he/she will not be eligible to be counted as a teacher at the inspections to be carried out by MCI for the academic years 2005-06 and 2006-07.

The Council further decided that a circular be issued to all the D.M.Es., Universities and Medical Colleges/Institutions that the list of such defaulting teachers has been published on the website of the Council. it was further decided that this decision would be applicable mutatis mutandis to all the teachers who have been found employed more than one medical college for the academic year 2003-04 and whose case has not been finalized as yet due to non-appearance or any other reason.

Sr. No.

Name of the Doctor


Name of the State Medical Council where he / she is Registered with Registration No.

Dr. K. Krishna Murthy


Andhra Medical Council – 5608


Dr. M. Panchela Reddy


Andhra Medical Council – 13827


Dr. K. Kamla

General Medicine

Andhra Medical Council – 3714


Dr. K. Rama Kumar


Andhra Medical Council – 7673


Dr. P. Hanumantha Rao

General Medicine

Andhra Medical Council – 43426


Dr. S. Lakshmi Narasinha Reddy


Andhra Medical Council – 3778


Dr. K. Rajeshwari


Andhra Medical Council - 2713


Dr. Venkateshwar Rao

General Surgery

Andhra Medical Council – 2620


Dr. C. C. Mohan Reddy


Andhra Medical Council - 5046


Dr. Kamlesh Sundereshwaran


Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 17822


Dr. S. Laxshmi

Forensic Medicine

Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 47745


Dr. L. Surya Kumari


Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 16855


Dr. N. Sachidanandan


Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 29253


Dr. S.Kantha


Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 18839


Dr. Usha Kothandavaman


Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 38339


Dr. M.N. Shahul Hameed


Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 57663


Dr. T. Rajan


Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 58044


Dr. R.Daivasiganani

Forensic Medicine

Tamil Nadu Medical Council – 30678


Dr. Satyakam Jena

Forensic Medicine

Orissa Medical Council – 12594


Dr. Nirajan Tripathy


Orissa Medical Council - 3194


Dr. Vilasini Sundaresan


Travancore Medical Council – 5489


Dr. N. Sundaresan


Travancore Medical Council – 4867


Dr. K. Thankam

Community Medicine

Travancore Medical Council – 6311


Dr. P. Suman Setty


Karnataka Medical Council – 41951


Dr. Umamaheshwara Rao Kaveti


Karnataka Medical Council – 42441

(Lt. Col.(Dr.) A R N Setalvad (Retd.))

Thursday, November 9, 2006

How Rasputin treated Tsarevich Alexei's Hemophilia

The background information

Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov was Tsesarevich - the heir apparent - of Russia, being the youngest child and the only son of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Alexandra Fyodorovna.

Alexei is presumed to have died on July 17, 1918, but as his body has never been found this is impossible to definitively confirm.

He inherited haemophilia from his mother Alexandra, a condition which could be traced back to her maternal grandmother Queen Victoria. His haemophilia led to controversy, on the grounds that it was believed that his mother was having an affair with the Russian starets, Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin claimed to be able to 'heal' Alexei when he was on the brink of death after spells of haemophilia-related complications.

Rasputin was wandering as a pilgrim in Siberia when he heard reports of Tsarevich Alexei's haemophilia in 1904. The disease had been inherited from his great-grandmother (Queen Victoria). When the young Tsarevich got a bruise after he fell off of a horse, he suffered from internal bleeding for days while vacationing with his family. The Tsaritsa, looking everywhere for help, asked her best friend Anna Vyrubova to secure the help of the charismatic peasant healer in 1905. He was said to possess the ability to heal through prayer, and he was indeed able to give the boy some relief. Skeptics have claimed that he did so by hypnosis, though during a particularly grave crisis, Rasputin, from his home in Siberia, was believed to have eased the suffering of the tsarevich (in Saint Petersburg) through prayer. His practical advice, such as "Don't let the doctors bother him too much, let him rest," may also have been of great assistance in allowing Alexei and his worried mother to relax, so that the child's own natural healing process might take place. Others believe he used leeches to stop the boy's bleeding for the moment; however, this is unlikely to have been successful, as leech saliva contains hirudin and other natural anticoagulants. Every time the boy had an injury causing internal or external bleeding, the Tsaritsa contacted Rasputin, whereupon the Tsarevich subsequently got better, and this made it seem as if Rasputin was effectively healing him.

Now coming to one interesting theory
The medical treatment which was halted due to Rasputin's intervention included aspirin, then a newly-available (1910) "wonder drug" for treatment of pain. Because the poor (poor in terms of life and not money) boy had joint pain, some doctor would have given aspirin. Since aspirin is an anticoagulant (the anticoagulant property was only discovered in 1971), this would have increased the bleeing into joints which was causing Alexei's joint swelling and pain. So Aspirin was infact increasing the pain (by causing more hemorrhage into the joints) rather than decreasing it. When Aspirin was stopped, the boy became better

Monday, November 6, 2006

Chikungunya declared a `notifiable disease'

Hospitals and laboratories must report new cases

MADURAI: The State Government has declared Chikungunya a `notifiable disease' under the Tamil Nadu Public Health Act, 1939.

"This is a milestone in the Chikungunya control programme," S. Elango, Joint Director of Public Health, told The Hindu here on Sunday. A Government Order issued on October 26 under Section 52 listed chikungunya along with other notifiable diseases such as dengue, cholera, malaria, typhoid, chickenpox and HIV/AIDS, said Dr. Elango who was here to attend a Continuing Medical Education Programme said.

The Act makes it mandatory for all private hospitals and laboratories to report chikungunya cases to the Health department.

Action could be initiated if the institutions failed to report to the Government, he added.

The notification would help the Directorate of Public Health to get enough data on the incidence of the vector-borne disease and enable the Government to take early preventive measures, he said.

Decision hailed

According to Dr. Elango, the Government decision was hailed at the national level and experts involved in the national vector-borne diseases control programme urged other States to follow the Tamil Nadu model.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

How Indicators Work

The inspiration of this post is

When I was in school, our Chemistry teacher told us a story about the phrase “caught red-handed”. He said that the police actually puts a chemical (some sort of mild acid in powdered form) on the currency notes which are handed over in an anti-corruption operation. Clearly, the term “sting operation” hadn’t caught on in those days. Later, when they wash the hands of the culprit with a chemical they turn red.

So what is the powder that is applied in the notes and is the other chemical

If the initial powder is an acid, the indicator would be
Thymol Blue (which is actually red in Acid and Yellow in Base)
Methyl Orange
Methyl Red

If it (the powder on the note) is a base, the indicator would have been phenophthalein

Or the powder can be an indicator and the second chemical acid / base.

Table of Indicators

Common Name

pH Range transition change

Color in Acid

Color in Base

Picric Acid

0.1 to 0.8



Thymol Blue

1.2 to 2.8



Congo Red

3.0 tp 5.0



Methyl Orange

3.1 to 4.4



Methyl Red

4.2 to 6.3



Neutral Red

6.8 to 8.0


Yellowish Orange


8.0 to 9.6



Alizarin Yellow

10.1 to 12.0



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