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Thursday, June 27, 2013

One year Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) 2013-14.

Dear Madam/Sir,

Greetings from Sambodhi!

Sambodhi Research & Management Institute invites applications for the 3rd Batch of One year Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) 2013-14.

Pioneering reforms for holistic, inclusive and affordable management education, Sambodhi PGPM imbibes internationally emerging discourse on business education. We are presently hosting the second batch 2012-13 batch of PGPM students. The students are currently undergoing their industry placement with industry houses like Relaxo, Amar Ujala to name a few. The inaugural edition of PGPM was fully subscribed by the industry.

Sambodhi boasts of a diverse and talented faculty group well versed in the techniques of experiential and peer learning while applying adult-learning principles. We recently unveiled Youth Awareness and Action for Responsive India-YAARI, an initiative aimed at creating awareness and soliciting action towards social, environmental and other contemporary issues facing the country.

You can view the programme structure and curriculum at our website as well access detailed course descriptions by clicking at the respective course. You can also download the prospectus from: prospectus

For more information please connect with Nidhi Bhatnagar ( or call +91 9311291788.

We shall be happy to answer any queries with regard to this programme. We would request you to share this with all those who might be interested in the programme.

With warm regards,
Mary Bachaspatimayum,
Training Manager,
Sambodhi Research & Management Institute

B 23, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi -110024

Sunday, June 23, 2013

"2nd International Congress on Emergency Medical Service Systems (EMS 2013)” and "2nd International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare (IEH 2013)”

Dear Sir / Madam
Greetings from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) , New Delhi, India!
I am privileged to inform you that the Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi in continuance of its pursuit for excellence in Healthcare delivery and capacity building, is organizing the "2nd International Congress on Emergency Medical Service Systems (EMS 2013)” and co-hosting the "2nd International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare (IEH 2013)” in collaboration with Center for Health Systems Innovation, Spears School of Business and Center for Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University, USA from 18th - 20th October 2013 at JL Auditorium, AIIMS, New Delhi, INDIA. Approximately 1500 key policy makers, healthcare providers, administrators, industry partners and other stakeholders are expected to attend this mega event.
The aim of 'EMS-IEH 2013' is to deliberate on variables and imperatives of innovation, entrepreneurship and recent advances in Emergency Medical Services and Healthcare provisioningThe Conference shall also host an International Exhibition of Healthcare Products, Services & Technologies with a special focus on Emergency Medical Services. 
An added attraction of the Conference this year is the introduction of the "Healthcare Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IEH) Awards" which are an opportunity for us to recognise and honor the contribution which many amongst you are making by transforming Healthcare through Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 
Keeping in view your interest in the field of Healthcare including Emergency Medical Services, we invite you to participate in this coveted event alongwith your colleagues & subordinates. Limited number of early bird registration slots at discounted rates are available till 31st July 2013.
The entries for the "IEH Awards 2013" are also now open and individuals / organisations with original "innovative / entrepreneurial" product, service or process in the field of Healthcare / Emergency Medical Services may submit their abstracts at the earliest.
For further details please visit the Conference Website ( ) or click here to download the Conference Brochure.

Warm Regards
Dr. Angel Rajan Singh
Chief Organizing Secretary

Thursday, June 20, 2013

7th Clinical Research Methodology Workshop, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Dear All,   
The Clinical Research Secretariat of Tata Memorial Hospital in association with the Department of Atomic Energy – Clinical Trials Centre conducts an annual short course in Clinical Research Methodology. This year’s course will be held on the 3rd and 4th of August, 2013.
The course will focus on various aspects of the design, conduct and reporting of clinical trials. Topics covered will include the formulation of a research question, proper study design, conduct of research,  analysis of data obtained, proper interpretation, IRB review of process, compensation clause and publication of results. The course is targeted at a broad audience ranging from those who have little experience in clinical trials to those who are already active researchers and wish to widen their knowledge of the conduct of such trials.
Attendance would be appropriate for:
·          Clinical Researchers who are planning or running a clinical trial.
·          Medical staff involved in Clinical trials who are interested in expanding their knowledge.
·          Trial administrators/ Trial Coordinators / Research Nurses/ Statisticians/ others who wish to expand their knowledge of Clinical Trial Methodology
We request you to forward this mail to people who may have interest in the course.
Please find attached the course details and the registration form.

Thank you very much,

Dr. Ashwini Budrukkar                                    Dr. Shagun Misra
Officer-in-Charge                                                     Organizing Secretary
Clinical Research Secretariat & DAE-CTC

For registration please contact:
Ms. Meenakshi Ganeshan
Conference Co-ordinator
Clinical Research Secretariat (CRS)
3rd Floor, Main Building
Tata Memorial Hospital
Parel, Mumbai 400012, India
Tel: +91-22-24177000; Extn 4254
Fax: +91-22-24168604


For more details: B-23, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi-110 024
Call on: +91-11-47593300-99, +91-11-49242424-44
Write to:
Training Programme
19-20 July 2013, New Delhi
Dear Madam/Sir,
Greetings from Sambodhi!
Sambodhi Research & Management Institute is pleased to announce the Training Programme on STATISTICAL DATA ANALYSIS & PRESENTATION USING MS-EXCEL to be held at New Delhi from 19-20 July 2013.
In case you are interested in the programme please send an email to obtain the programme flyer and registration form. Discounts on course fee are available for group registrations.
The purpose of the training programme is to augment knowledge and skills of data analysis. As the most commonly used spreadsheet, MS-Excel is the handiest tool for managers in facilitating everyday data analysis. Professionals well versed in MS-Excel can greatly enhance effectiveness of data-based analytics in a cost-efficient manner. Specifically, the programme focuses at:

  • Develop shared understanding of the fundamentals of data and data analysis
  • Develop skills for using various MS-Excel functions for undertaking basic and advanced data analysis
  • Develop skills for using common MS-Excel functions in a data analysis perspective
  • Develop skills for effective presentation of data
The course shall provide:
  • 12-14 hours of tutorials
  • Reading and reference material
  • Follow-on support services through electronic media
We shall be happy to answer any queries with regard to this programme.
With warm regards,
Mary Bachaspatimayum, PhD
Sambodhi Research and Management Institute
B 23, First Floor, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi -110024
+91.11.49573300-99, +91.11.41005792 /

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Man management - Basic tips for new medical officers

Basic tips for new medical officers : Man management

By Dr.Raja S Vignesh
  1. The medical officer is the boss of the PHC. 
  2. You are responsible not only to conduct OP and look after IP but also to get work done from your hospital and field staff as well as from administrative staff
  3. You have two duties – One Medical and the second Officer. 
  4. Keep in mind clearly that you have an Officer Duty Also 
  5. You are answerable to the superiors for the acts of your staff
  6. You shall not act per the request / ideas / ORDERS of your subordinates if they are not legal. Consider only those suggestions which are legal
  7. Even if you acts by the ADVICE of your administrative or medical or field staff, you alone will be held responsible for the outcome of the action and not the Person who gave the advice. 
  8. Keep in mind that you cannot escape saying that some one misguided you 
  9. Do not have close relationship [friendly or brotherly or sisterly !!! or any other ] with your subordinates. Relationships include Friendly, Brotherly or Sisterly (Hope you know what happened to the anna akka pasamalars in your college in due course) or intimate relationship. 
  10. You are an Officer and they are your team members and all of you work for the department and public. Its so simple and nothing more than that. The more close relation you maintain the more tough it becomes to manage them 
  11. Do not trust any one completely. Always keep a doubtful eye in them. 
  12. Even though you are an officer, do not scold or find fault with your staff in front of third persons and especially in the field. 
  13. Always talk about their mistakes inside the PHC. 
  14. The Best option is noting that down in the review register along with review minutes 
  15. Do not talk with a staff of opposite sex without a third person in that room. 
  16. Do not allow any one other than patient to sit in the medical officer room 
  17. Do not entrust your PERSONAL WORK to your staff. 
  18. Don’t listen to comments by your staff about your co medical officers [even if you have personal hatred against the doctor] 
  19. The same person who comments about the other person will speak about you in your absence. 
  20. When you have misunderstanding with your officer, speak directly to him / her and to the best possible effort resolve the issue immediately. 
  21. Don’t speak about your indifferences to your hospital or field staff , this will work as a dividing method by the others  and Both the doctors will be the end losers 
  22. If you cannot resolve the dispute among yourselves please contact senior medical officers (not the DDHS !!) or association for intervention. 
  23. If you are both from the same college, better contact a college senior who is known to both of you.
  24. If everything else fails, we will help
  25. Any doubts, ask in the comments or at 
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