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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doctors’ forum for better salary

Pay us on a par with Central Government institutions, says association

“Already doctors are overburdened as they work for 54 hours to 70 hours a week”

MADURAI: The Tamil Nadu Government Doctors’ Association has urged the State Government to pay salaries on a par with doctors working in Central Government institutions.
According to its secretary K. Senthil, doctors working in State Government institutions were paid less when compared to their counterparts in States such as Karnataka also. For an entry level medical professional designated as tutor, the gross pay had been around Rs.16,000 in Tamil Nadu whereas in Mysore Medical College it was more than Rs.30,000. The gap widened even further in the case of higher grades such as Assistant Professor, Reader and Professor. Tamil Nadu, with a total of 23 medical colleges including private institutions, stood next to Maharashtra and Karnataka had the highest number of medical colleges.
Around 2,800 MBBS students graduated each year from the State which was more than 10 per cent of the national index, he said.
Comparing the pay structure for Government and aided arts and science college teachers, who were paid as per University Grants Commission scales, with that of doctors’ pay, he said it was pathetically low.
“Though the pay for entry level doctors in the institutions is the same, once they get promotions the pay rise is steep in case of arts and science college teachers while doctors’ salary sees only a marginal increase,” Dr. Senthil said.
“All because of us” If the State was able to consolidate its top position in all health programmes and was popular for its effective health delivery system it was all because of the hard working medical professionals.
“Already doctors are overburdened as they work in Government hospitals and primary health centres for 54 hours to 70 hours a week.”
It might be surprising to note that Director of Physical Education was the highest paid member in a medical college, as he or she was paid as per UGC scale, Dr. Senthil said.
The association had appealed to the Chief Minister to constitute a special committee to correct these anomalies, he said.

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