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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Taking place September 22-23, 2008
In Madison, Wisconsin USA
Dear Colleague,
On September 22 and 23, 2008, the epicenter of the burgeoning international stem cell revolution will be at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
Presented by the Genetics Policy Institute and hosted by the University of Wisconsin Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center and the WiCell Research Institute, the World Stem Cell Summit is the flagship event, bringing together the founding visionary researchers, clinicians, business pathfinders, key policy-makers, regulators, advocates, experts in law and ethics to present compelling presentations, share information, and together chart the future of regenerative medicine.

Topics and speakers include:


How Stem Cell Research is Transforming Healthcare
Stem cell visionaries Alan Trounson, John Gearhart, Lawrence Goldstein and John Wagner discuss how stem cell research is transforming healthcare and will impact all of our lives and the lives of future generations. Timothy Kamp moderates.
Keynote Presentation by James Thomson: Reprogramming- A New Vision for Creating Patient Specific Cells
iPS Cells: How They Change Everything and Nothing

A lively panel discussion examining the astounding potential and policy implications surrounding induced pluripotent stem cells. Why iPS research does not eclipse human embryonic stem cell research and nuclear transfer. Speakers include Clive Svendsen, Hideyuki Okano and Amy Comstock Rick.
International Perspectives: Collaboration Opportunities and the Importance of Stem Cell Banking
An international panel of experts examines the many opportunities for international collaborations and the enormous growth in stem cell banking. Speakers include Stephen Minger, Marilyn Robertson, Glyn Stacey, Derek Hei and Douglas Sipp (moderator).
Stem Cell Nations- Research Progress and Economic Development States, regions and countries are all funding stem cell research as a tool for economic development. Panelists include key leaders- California's Bob Klein, Christopher Mason, Linda Powers with Tom Still (moderator).
Stem Cell Advances Through Bioengineering A global panel including Raphael Gorodetsky, David Schaffer, Gordona Vunjak-Novakovic and Kyriacos Athaasiou moderated by Brenda Ogle, reveals how bioengineering is transforming the face of stem cell research.


Spinal Cord Injury and Multiple Sclerosis
Ian Duncan, Hans Kierstead, Wise Young, Timothy Coetzee, Sabrina Cohen and Su Chun Zhang (moderator)
Luis Parada, Carolyn Aldige, Caroline Alexander
Ed Baetge, Henrik Semb, Alberto Hayek, Adrianne Wong and Jon Odorico (moderator)
Parkinson's/ALS/ Neurological Disorders
Lucie Bruijn, Mark Noble, Richard Garr, Stephen Byer and Clive Svendsen (moderator)
Cardiovascular Disease
Andreas Zeiher, Robert D. Simari, David Amrani and Timothy Kamp (moderator)
Blindness and Diseases of the Eye
Sally Temple, Peter Francis, Paul Williamson, Steven Rose, Gordon Gund, David Walsh and David Gamm (moderator)

Taking place Sept. 21, 2008, at Pyle Center, University of Wisconsin/Madison, Lab On The Lake is a celebration of stem cell research and a window into the life-saving future of regenerative medicine. This full-day public event is designed to inform, educate, stimulate and entertain students, teachers, patients, families, and citizens of all ages and interests.

With more than 120 sponsors and supporting organizations, the 2008 World Stem Cell Summit is an educational event not to be missed.

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