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Unofficial Induction Training for PHC Medical Officers

For our series of posts aimed at helping the newly recruited medical officer, click the link below What is PHC
PHC means Primary Health Centre, the basic functional unit of Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Who is a Medical Officer
Medical Officer is the Technical and Administrative Head of a Prinary Health Centre

What is Induction Training
This is the Training given to new recruits to enable them discharge their duties properly

Don't Medical Officers learn about all these in their five and half years in Medical College
No !
Most, if not all of them have just completed their MBBS and are green behind their ears.
Unlike other posts in Medical College or Government Hospital, where most of the time and work related to patient care, a Medical Officer in PHC is expected to do a lot of job.
Since most young graduates will not be exposed to these duties and responsibilities during their MBBS Course, training in needed

Who has to give the Induction Training
The Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine has to give this training

Then Why are you writing a series of posts
While few medical officers are trained immediately, due to administrative reasons, the training gets delayed for few medical officers. This series of posts is to enable every one know the basics as soon as they join

Is this Official No !
This is totally Unofficial

Are you related / affiliated with DPH
No !
We are not related or affiliated with DPH or with any other organisations

Can I avoid the regular induction training since I have read all these 
No !
This is totally unofficial and meant to be a supplement and not substitute for the official induction training

Do you cover each and every aspect of PHC
No ! Obviously

In addition to reading all these, How will I learn Management and Administration
By Working in a PHC
Just like how you can't learn swimming by reading books, you cannot learn administration and management by reading this

What makes you spend time and effort to write all these
A desire to transfer knowledge
A desire to reduce, if not totally avoid bruises, while our juniors learn the bicycling of administration

What kind of posts can we expect
Formal as well as Informal
English as well as Tamil
Original Writeups as well as articles from other sources

What topics will you cover
  • Primary Health Centres 
  • Roles and Responsibilities Job Functions, 
  • Rules, Orders, 
  • Man Management, 
  • Camps, Field Visits, 
  • Departmental Exams
  • Material Management
  • Stock, Sub Stock, Indent
  • Leave Rules
  • Medical Leave, Earned Leave, Loss of Pay CL, CoL, RH, PL, W/o
  • Vaccination
  • Duty Timings
  • Pulse Polio and 
  • Any topic suggested by you 
How to suggest topics / ask doubts / clarifications / send in contributions
By the comments in this blog

Can we copy content from here in our site / portal / facebook status 
Please give the link
Avoid Copying
Share in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked in or Mail

Why give link, instead of copy and paste
The content here is dynamic
We need to change as and when the rules change
Hence, if you give link, and if some one visits after some time, they will see the updated content here
If you copy and paste, they may be exposed to outdated content and hence, incorrect data and facts

Who is the primary target for these postsThose recruited by MRB 2013
Those who have joined in Post PG Compulsary Rural Service

I want to prepare for PG. Is there any resource ? 

I want to know about Medicolegal issues,  Court Judgements, Consumer Laws etc.

I want to learn MCQs . . .

I want to know about latest medical books


  1. Sir can medical officers in phc's avail PL (permission leave) on second saturdays?


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