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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doubts about Maternity Leave

Dear ____,

Regarding maternity leave for my wife..
My wife who is a ___ joined at _______ GH on June 25th 2007 and she availed maternity leave from June 2nd 2008...
She joined under bond that she signed while joining his course to work in governement setup..
Now we are planning to apply for maternity leave pay arrears
Is she eligible for all 3 months as she took leave before one year was over
Do u have any suggestions..


Dear Dr,

Since the Candidate has joined in 2007 under Rule 10 A 1, she has to clear the TNPSC. Did she appear in General TNPSC 2009. If so, if she is selected, her services will be regularised. Or else she has to appear in a special TNPSC which will be conducted subsequently (check Doubts about 10 A 1 Counselling and General TNPSC Clarified, More doubts about 10 A 1, When will my services be regularised, and other posts in TNPSC Forum,, for more details)

Only after getting selected by a TNPSC, (General or Special) the services will be regularised.

After that probation has to be declared. Only after that you can claim the leave. Please wait for some time

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