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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Earned Leave is the leave earned by an employee by virtue of duty. The employee was earning leave at the rate of 1/11 or 1/22. With effect from 1.7.94. this procedure is replaced by the advance credit of leave introduced in G.O.Ms.No.157 P & A.R. dt.24.6.94. Hereafter the condition that leave is earned by duty has also been dispensed with by the procedure of advance credit.

Advance Credit of E.L. – The salient features

(a) This system came into effect from 1.7.94.

(b) In respect of Approved Probationers, Permanent employees 15 days E.L.will be credited in advance, on 1st January and 1st July every year.

(c) For example, the closing balance of on 30.6.97 is 160days on 1.7.97, 15days will be credited in advance increasing the credit to 175days. The leave taken by him form 1.7.97 to 31.12-97 will be deducted against this 175days.

The balance will be the closing balance at the end of the half year viz.on 31.12.97 on 1.1.98 again 15 days will be credited in advance.

(d) If the closing balance of EL falls in between 226-240days at the opening of an half year, 15days will not be added to 226-240, it will be shown separately. If any leave is taken during that half year, it will first be adjusted in the 15days and the leave taken exceeding 15days will be adjusted in the 226-240 days and balance struck at the end of the half year. The closing balance at the end of the half year shall be limited to 240days.

(i) C.B. on 31.12.96


(ii) Advance Credit on 1.1.97 = 15days (show separately)


(iii) Leave taken from 1.1.97 to 30.6.97

28 days

(iv) C.B.on 30.6.97 (Adjust 15days and deduct 13days in 238days) (238-13)


(v) Add : Advance credit on 1.7.97 (Now the 225 (i.e) not between 226-240. separately.


(vi) Leave taken from 1.7.97 to 31.12-97


(vii) Balance at the end of 31.12.97 (240-10)


(viii) Advance Credit on 1.1.98 (Since the C.B.falls in between 226-2240, the credit of 15days, should be shown separately)


(K) Leave availed of between 1.1.98 to 30.6.98


M C.B.on 30.6.98 = 230 + 15 = 245

Limit to 240

(xi) Add : Advance credit as on 1.7.98 (Since the O.B. is between 226-240 show the 15days separately).


(e) During the half year, if taken it shall be adjusted in the next half year, for

example an employee takes 22 days of L.L.P. in that case,2days at the rate of one day for every 10days shall be reduced in the next half year (Please note that no leave be deducted in the currently half year).

(f) If an employee takes U.E.L. etc., after crediting E.L. in advance, whether leave should be reduced from the advance credit already made? No. It is not necessary – Govt.Lr.No.60665/F.R. – III /95-1 P &A.R. dt.2.11.90 and Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.-III/94-14 p&A.R.dt.21.6.96. (Can you ever analyse why leave is not reduced? It is because, 30days credited for a year instead of 33days leave earned @ 1/11).

(g) In the case of an employee, who is due for retirement in an half year E.L.will not be credited in advance, in this case, E.L.will be calculated at the rate of 2 ½ days for every full months of the remaining Service and credited. If he is due for retirement on 31.5.98 he has got five full months. Hence, 2 ½ x 5 = 12 ½ = rounded to 13days to be credited in his leave account.

(h) In the case of an employee, 15days leave have already been credited. He dies on 30.9.98 In this case, is it necessary to reduce the leave already credited? No. It is not necessary. Neither leave be cut for salary recovered for the excess leave availed – Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.HI/9 14 P &A.R.dt.21.6.96.

(i) While crediting E.L.fraction of a day shall be rounded off to nearest one day- Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.III/94-14 P&A.R.dt.21.6.96

(j) In the case pf am employee whose opening balance is Nil, 15days is credited on the opening of a half year. In this case, he can either avail the entire 15days or surrender 15days on the same day itself. (on the 1st January or 1st July Govt.Lr.No.60094/ F.R.III/94-14 P&A.R.dt.21.6.96 and Govt.Lr.No.60695/F.R.III/95-1 P& A.R. Dt.2.11.95. (The clarification sought for is unnecessary. He gets leave to his credit on 1st January or 1st July. When credit is there, entitlement avail of the leave naturally accrues. Then, how the leave applied be rejected on the ground of non availability of leave? These kind of clarification exposes the dwindling standards of the administrative people.

Temporary, Probationers and Basic Servants

(a) Temporary employees, Probationers and Basic servants are not eligible for advance credit of E.L. they shall be allowed leave at the rate of 2 ½ days for every completed two calendar months. They can accumulate leave up to the maximum of 30days – Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.III/94-14 P&A.R.dt. 21.6.96.

(b) In the case of Basic servants who have completed five years of regular Service (five years from the date of regularization) are however eligible for the advance credit of E.L.- Govt.Lr.No.60665/F.R.III/95-1 P&A.R.Dt.2.11.95.

(c) If probation is completed in the middle of an half year, in that case, EL shall be calculated at the rate of 2 ½ days for every two completed months of Service upto the month of completion of probation. From the next month E.L.shall be calculated at the rate of 2 ½ days for each completed calendar month Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.III/94-14 P&A.R.dt.21.6.96.




* Temporary, Probationer and Basic Servants

Eligible for leave @ 2 ½ days for every completed two calendar months. (Max.30days).

* Basic Servants Completed five years

Eligible for advance credit of leave.

* Probation if completed in the middle of half year

Leave shall be calculated @ 2 ½ days for every completed two months upto the month of completion of Probation. From the next month. EL shall be calculated @ 2 ½ days for each completed month.

Maximum Accumulation of EL at a time

The EL can be accumulated upto a maximum as detailed below. The leave accumulation exceeding the limit will lapse.


Maximum Limit

Upto 31.3.55


From 1.4.55 to 31.3.66


From 1.4.66 to

180 days and can be availed of 120 days at a time

From 1.4.66 to 31.3.74

180days and can be availed of at a time (G.O.Ms.No.444 dt.30.3.74 Finance dt. 30.3.74)

From 30.10.87

240 days and can be availed of at a time(G.O.Ms.No.999, P&A.R. dt.30.10.87)

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