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Wednesday, February 13, 2008




All the Civil Surgeons,

All the Tutors/Asst.Professors/Asst.Surgeons through

Asst.Resident Medical Officer of this hospital

Sub: TamilNadu Medical Services – Sanction of Medical Officers Certain Guideliness.

The following guidelines regarding the grant of leave of Medical Officers to be followed strictly in the Medical College Hospital under the control of the Director of Medical Education.

The Deans/Heads of Medical Instructions are empowered to grant leave to Medical Officers (Assistant Surgeon/Tutor/Assistant Professors) for a period upto 2 months (60days) if no substitute is posted in their place and one month (30days) for civil Surgeons. Generally substitutes are posted when Medical Officers proceed on leave for a period exceeding 2months as per the recommendations of the Heads of Departments and the Dean. According to the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.1046/Health dt.13.11.87. Medical Officer are eligible for grant of leave to a maximum as details below.

If they are approved probationers (all kinds of leave except) with more than 5years of Service : Un-Earned Leave on

Medical Certificate should

not exceed one year.

If they are probationers not less than 5years of Service : All kinds of leave should

not exceed 6 months.

If Medical Officers do not rejoin duty after remaining on leave or absence for a continuous period of 6 months or 1 year as the case may be, disciplinary action is to be initiated against them for removal from Tamil Nadu Medical Service as per Tamil Nadu CCA.Rules.

(i) If Medical Officers on transfer apply for Earned Leave it should be refused, If they apply for Un-earned Leave on Medical Certificate, while on transfer they should be referred to Medical opinion by the Heads of Medical Institutions.

(ii) Any Leave applied by Medical Officer both Assistant Surgeons and Civil Surgeons for a period of less than 2 months may be decided by the Heads of Medical Institutions according to the need and circumstances, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Head of Departments.

(iii) The leave applications of Civil Surgeons for any period more than 1 month is to be sent to this Directorate with the recommendation the Dean for necessary action.

(iv) All leave applications of Assistant Surgeons for any period more than 2months are to be sent to this office immediately with the following information.

a. with the recommendation of the Heads of Departments and head of the Medical Institutions.

b. And the leave eligibility of the Medical Officer in the profoma prescribed.

The leave vacancy of more than 2months should be reported to this Directorate for suitable action at this end.

Suitable instructions in this regard may be issued to the concerned Ministerial Staff of the sections and Suitable disciplinary action must be initiated for any delay or lapse in this regard.

In case of emergencies of service of any Medical Officer, the Heads of Medical Institutions may refuse leave beyond 2 months. The Medical Officers should be informed accordingly and the file may be sent to this office with particulars mentioned under (iv) a&b. Disciplinary action shall be initiated by the Heads of Medical Institutions for unauthorized absence of Medical Officer or when the Medical Officer – does not report for duty when recalled or – if they do not report for Medical Board.

Report of Head of Medical Institutions to pursue disciplinary action on Medical Officers for unauthorized absence without leave applications for sanction of leave must be remitted to this office immediately for further action with relevant particulars.

When a substitute is requested by the Heads of the Institutions in a leave vacancy of more than 2 months the incumbent on return from leave should not be allowed to rejoin the same post and should be directed to report to this Department for suitable postings on expiry of leave or otherwise.

The receipt of this communication may be acknowledged.

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