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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Most urgent / Personal Attention

REF.NO. 90895/BUD/1/20QO Office of the Director of Medical and

Rural Health Services, Chennai-600006

Dated: 11.9.2000

SUB : Budget - sanction of additional funds under T.A and D.A. for the

Medical and Para Medical Staff attending, the camps under Varumun Kappom Thittam1 - Requested.

REF : Govt. Letter No, 40908/ZI/2 000-2 Health dated 8.9.2000.

Copy -communicated for information and necessary action.

The Joint Directors of Health Services are informed.that it has been propsed to hold 3000 more Health Care Camps under. Varumun Kappom Thittam from 1st September 2000 till the end of this year. Therefore it is requested to furnish the detailed anticipated expenditure in detail to be incurred/under the following head of account for attending the camps under Varumun Kappom Thittam, so that additional funds can be sought for under R.E. proposals for the year 2000-2001. Pending receipt of this proposals a consolidated report is being submitted to the Government for obtaining additional funds in R.E. 2000-2001 under the following heads of account:

1. 2210-01-110 AA District H Hospitals,

2. " " AB Taluk Hd.qer. Hospitals.

3. " AC Non-Taluk Hospitals.

4.2210-01-001 AB D.M.Os,

These proposals should be sent as in continuation of the R.E. proposals for 2000-2001 already sent to this Directorate within & week's time by Courier Service. Further, they are also requested to advices sanction the Tour T.A. bills submitted by the personnel deputed for the Camp, under Varumun Kappom Thittam1 from September 2000 onwards under the respective Tour T.A sub-heads relating to their salary heads of expenditure. with reference to the instructions contained in the

Government letter cited.

This should be treated as most urgent.


Director of Medical and Rural

Health Services

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