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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


(a) An employee may avail of L.L.P. (Leave on loss of pay) upto five years to take up employment abroad subject to the following conditions – G.O.Ms.No. 19& P & A.R. , dt. 20-5-91; G.O. Ms.No. 295 P & A.R., dt 14-9-95 and G.O. Ms.No. 173/ P &A.R., dt. 28-3-96.

(i) Intial period of E.O.L. will be limited to one year based on the visa and further extension may be given on production of evidence that he continues / continued in the same job or was employed by another genuine employer – G.O. Ms.No.173/P &A.R., dt . 28-3-96.

(ii) The period of E.O.L. will not count for calculation of leave and increment. But, will count for pension, if the individual remits pension contribution as fixed by A.G., with appropriate interest for belated payment, if any – G.O.Ms.No.173 P & A.R., dt. 28-3-96 and Govt . Lr.No. 80253/95-1 P & A.R., dt. 4-1-96.

(iii) Disciplinary – proceedings, vigilance enquiry and criminal case should not be pending – Govt. Lr. No.42138/93-2 P & A.R., dt. 5-7-93.

(iv) There should not be any contractual obligation to serve the department till retirement – Govt. Lr. No. 42138/93-2 P & A.R., dt. 5-7-93.

(b) Only Approved Probationers are eligible for this “ benefit”. Temporary employees are not eligible. Probationers should resign the job – I Govt. Lr.No. 80253/95-1, P & A.R., dt. 4-1-96.

(c) Employment may also be arranged through own source – Govt. Lr. No. 80253/95-1, P & A.R., dt. 4-1-96.

(d) Where employment has been arranged by Tamil Nadu Overseas Manpower Corporation Limited, the Managing Director will address the Head of the Department to issue N.O.C. without delay – Govt. Lr.No. 93945/93-2, P & A.R., dt. 5-7-93.

(e) There is no need to execute any bond – G.O.Ms.No. 9, P & A.R., dt. 7-1-94.

(f) No Objection Certificate to get passport will be issued by the Head of Departments except fo “A” group employees – G.O.Ms.No.288 P & A.R., dt. 4-12-97. While applying for passport, the purpose of visit, period of duration and the names of countries to be visited shall be furnished – G.O.Ms.No. 180, P & A.R., dt. 6-7-94.

(g) The employees belonging to the Scarce Categories are not eligible for employment – G.O . Ms. No. 9, P & A.R., dt. 7-1-94.

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