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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Tamil Nadu Medical Service – Senior most Assistant Surgeons in the Blocks designated ans block Medical Officer – orders – issued



G.O.D. No. 69 Dated 17-2-1993

Thiruvalluvar Andu, 2024 Angirasa Masi – 6.

Read :

Tamil Nadu Assistant Surgeons Association representation

Dated 7-10-92.


Order :

1. The Tamil nadu Assistant Surgeon’s Association has represented that the senior most. Assistant Surgeon working in the blocks may be designated as Block Medical Officer in order to monitoring and co-ordinating the Health Service Schemes in the block.

2. The Government have carefully considered the request of the association and direct that the senior most Assistant Surgeon working in each of the Block Medical Officer in order to monitoring and co-ordinating Health Service Schemes in the block without any extra expenditure to Government.

3. The Joint Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (Primary Health Centres) is requested to designate the senior most Assistant Surgeons as Block Medical Officer immediately.

(By Order of the Governor)

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