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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Medical college library sans facilities

The collection here is not in proportion to the 900-odd students studying in the institution

There is no Internet connectivity, generator or air-conditioning facility

Medical colleges are expected to subscribe to at least 60 Indian journals and 40 foreign ones

MADURAI: Many institutions attach a lot of importance to strengthening library . But this is not the case with the Madurai Medical College library, which has not received the attention it deserves.

The collection here is not in proportion to the 900-odd students. Moreover, facilities here leave a lot to be desired.

B. Kalaikovan, a member of the Tamil Nadu Medical Students’ Association, said, “There is no Internet connectivity, generator or air-conditioning facility. The college collects a decent amount from students at the time of admission that goes to the Library Fund. But whether the fund is being utilised purposefully is doubtful.”
No latest editions

With a lot of research work going on in the field of medicine, textbooks are updated regularly and the latest editions come out every year. But not all these editions are available, which puts the postgraduate students to hardship.

K. Senthil, secretary, Tamil Nadu Government Doctors’ Association, said, “Most of the time undergraduate and postgraduate students are left in the lurch as they do not find the textbooks they want. If this is the case with textbooks, the library falls behind in the journal front also. Each medical college is expected to subscribe for at least 60 Indian journals and 40 foreign ones. But, Madurai Medical College woefully falls short of this figure,” said Dr. Senthil.

Admitting that the library lacked Internet facility, Vice-Principal M. Shanthi, said that the college had got the sanction for Internet at the library.
Nod received

“We have got the nod from the officials to use the Library Fund. As subscribing to international journals is expensive, arrangements are made to subscribe to e-journals and plans are afoot to tie up with the virtual library of the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, for which we expect official sanction,” she said.

Ms. Shanthi added that the library would also get generators and air-conditioners soon.

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