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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Personnel and Administrative Reforms ( D.O.I- F.R.I) Department Letter No. 35998/ D.O-I-FRI /93-3, Dated 11.1.1994.

Sub: Increments – Sanction of increments to the Government Servants appointed under various Circumstances – Guideliness – Issued.

1.Temporary Appointments

(i) Fully qualified:

Government Servants appointed under emergency provisions i.e. under 10 (a) (i) of the General Rules for the Tamil Nadu State and Subordinate Service Rules, are eligible for increment if they are fully qualified to hold the post. There is no restriction in the case of drawl of annual increment unless otherwise withheld by Government / Competent authority,

(ii) Unqualified :

The unqualified persons under the above provisions are eligible to draw their substantive pay or minimum of the time scale of pay attached to that post, as per Rule 10 (b) of the General Rules. Therefore, they are not eligible to draw increment in the post in which they were appointed. They are eligible to draw increment after one year from the date for which they are fully qualified.

2. Regular Appointment

Probationers are eligible for sanction of increment on normal dates, irrespective of declaration of satisfactory completion of probation, subject to the provisions in Rule 28 of the General Rules . In cases, “ where the probationer has to acquire or pass any prescribed test within the period of probation/extended period of probation, the first increment in case where the probation period is one year and the second increment in cases where the period of probation is two years, shall be sanctioned only after acquiring the qualification or passing the test.

3. Appointments in unclassified posts

Persons appointed in unclassified posts (posts which are not classified under any special/adhoc-rules) are eligible for three increments only.

4. Temporary Promotions

(i) Fully qualified

A person temporarily promoted under General Rule 39, are eligible to draw their substantive pay or minimum of the time scale of the pay of the post or officiating pay in that post as per General Rule 39 (g) . They are not eligible for annual increments in the promotional post ( The G.O.Ms.No. 21 P & A.R., dt. 23.1.96 has promotion un-qualified employees. If it is done, it is waste of Government money – Author)

5. Regulation of increment on promotion to higher post

The increment of a person who has been promoted to a higher post has to be regulated as indicated below .

(i) Date of Promotion

(ii) Add one year period with the date of promotion

(iii) Advance it to the quarter concerned:

(iv) Add reversion period or extra – ordinary leave without allowance:

(v) Arrive actual date of accrual of increment

(vi) Next increment on 1st day of the quarter concerned after completion of one year of qualifying Service from the date arrive in the item (v) above.

3. The Heads of Departments may be requested to communicate the above guidelines to the subordinate officers under their control for adoption.

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