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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


( T.N.L.R. 13 & 14)

a) Un-Earned leave on private affairs is another concession extended to Government employees. The admissinility of leave has been given at the end to this booklet.

b) This leave is eligible only for the Approved Probationers. Temporary employees are not eligible for this leave. Basic servants shall be eligible for this leave on completing 15 years of service from the date of regularization.

c) The leave, if availed of at a time should not exceed three months. When it is combined with earned leave it should not exceed six months- T.N.L.R . 14.

d) This leave may be combined with un-earned leave on Medical certificate. This leave may be availed of for any purpose and even for Medical treatment – T.N.L.R. 6

e) The leave should be calculated in terms of days even though the application is made in terms of months – G.O. Ms. No/ 160 P & A.R. dt 15.2.80.

f) The U.E.L. on P.A. may be availed of as indicated below.

(i) UEL on P.A.: 4-4-98 (90days) but he cannot take 91 days more .

(ii) E.L. for five months plus U.E.L.on P.A. for one month (because both does not exceed six month)

(iii) E.L. 0-2-0 plus U.E.L. on P.A. 0-4-0 cannot be taken because U.E.L. on P.A. at a time, cannot exceed three months.

(iv) E.L. 0-6-0 Plus U.E.L. on P.A. 0-1-0 is not possible because both exceeds six months.

(v) U.E.L.-on M.C. may be combined with U.E.L. on P.A. without any limit provided the leave is certified by the Medical Officer / Board and leave is available at the credit.

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