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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Sub : Service Associations - Tamil Nadu Last Grade Govement Servants Association - special Casual leave Sanctioned to the normal - fixed -Orders passed.

Ref: 1. G.O.Ms. No. 1649. Public(Ser-1) Dt. 30.5.72

2. G.O.Ms, o. 1294 P& A.R. (Per-K) Dt. 27-10-77

3. GovtLr. No. 20431 IB/76 P& A.R.per-K-) Dt. 27-10-77

4. From the President. T.N.L.G.G.S. Association Lr. Dt. 13.2.79.


The seven days of special casual leave already sanctioned in the G.O First read above to the tive office bearer the Tamil Nadu Last Grade Government Servants Association to attend the organizational affairs of the laid down in the G.O. second read above and the five of its office.-Bearers are there fore eligible for fifteen days of special casual leave in a calender year as per norms prescribed in the G.O. Second read above.

2. In supersession of the orders first read above, Government direct that fifteen days of special casual Leave, in a calendar year be sanctioned to the following five office - bearers of the Tamil Nadu Last Grade Government Servant's Association to attend to the organizational affairs of the Association . they also direct that prior sanction by the competent authority will be necessary before the special casual leave is availed of

1. President : One

2. Vice - President : One

3. General Secretary : One

4. Deputy Secretary :One

5. Treasurer : One

( By Order of the Government)

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