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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


( F.R. 101 (a) and Instructions thereunder)

On returning from maternity leave – whether postings given in the same place ?

The women employees, on returning from leave may be posted to the same place from where they proceeded on leave, if possible- Govt.Lr.No.22902/93-1, P&A.R., dt. 18-8-93.


For probationers, maternity leave may be granted even before completing one year service. But they shall be sanctioned available E.L. at their credit and the balance as maternity leave subject to other condition – governing the leave – F.R. 101 (a) introduced G.O.Ms.No.138, P&A.R., dated 26-2-1983 and Govt.Lr. No. 44189/82-13, P&A.R., dt. 16-2-0983.

Approved Probationer and Permanent

(A) On and from 29-6-93, maternity leave is allowed upto two living children. That is, where a women employee has already having two children alive, maternity leave is not eligible for the third delivery – G.O. Ms. No. 237 P &A.R., dt. 29.6.93.

( To explain ordinarily, the women employee is eligible for Maternity leave for the first and second living child. Number of deliveries is not the matter but only the number of living children.

(b) This leave is also admissible for delivery of a “still-born” child – Govt. Lr. No. 35660 / F.R. III /89-7. dated ……

(c) Maternity leave is admissible for 90 days and may be taken before or after delivery as advised by the doctor.

(d) In continuation of maternity leave, other kinds of leave upto one year may be sanctioned on the advise of the doctor – G.O.Ms. No. 237, P & A.R., dt. 29-6-93.

(e) If the delivery occurs while on leave (other than maternity leave), maternity leave shall commence from the date of delivery – G.O.Ms. No. 138, P & A.R., dt. 26-2-83.

Temporary Women Employees

(a) Temporary women employees may also be given Maternity Leave after completing one year service.

(b) In their cases, the E.L.available at the credit shall first be given and the balance sanctioned as Maternity Leave.

(c) Other conditions are the same as applicable to regular Government Employees – F.R. 101 (a) as introduced in G.O. Ms. No.138, P &A.R., dated 26-02-0983.

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