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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Junior Doctors and TNGDA - Few Questions and Answers

Special TNPSC: It was TNGDA which got special TNPSC for these 10a1 batches every time – be it at 1990/ 2002 or 2007 (CMC batch) or 2008. The G.O. (D) No 1162 dated 07.10.2008 was issued on the behest of TNGDA – asking TNPSC to hold a special exam.

But unfortunately (based on a request sent to TNPSC from govt a year ago) a regular TNPSC exams were called for. This is an accident, totally unexpected.
TNGDA took the issue with the TNPSC citing the following justifications:
1.      There will be double entry by the 10a1 doctors – both in regular and special exams leading to extra work and lesser recruitment than desired.
2.      The seniors working as 10a1 in rural PHCs may lose their seniority to newly recruited juniors.
3.      With less number of vacancies – doctors recruited by regular exams may oust and replace the 10a1 already working.

The TNPSC officials were firm in that by their rules – as the notification has been issued for regular exams (though accidental), they can hold special exams only after the completion of the regular exams.

As TNPSC is an autonomous body like election commission etc. – an association action will not possible. TNGDA requested the HM, HS to use their good offices for our demand. They assured TNGDA that NO one will be ousted at any situation. They would try to speed up the special exams.

Even on 7th July (after the strike) the Hon HM rang up TNPSC Chairman in the presence of TNGDA office bearers – to speed up the issue.

Though TNGDA welcomes support from any forum, the suspicious behaviour of a non service forum (? offiliated to political party) in most issues were infact counter productive. Friends (very few numbers) in such forums should know that it is against conduct rules to have membership in political affiliated forums. (more so in an opposition related forums).

More so their ways – agitation against TNPSC – demanding special exams is nothing but a drama, infact counter productive. Many a time our request was not heard because it was messed up by our friends in such forums. Even the present CRRI/ Non service PG (though very genuine) issue is complicated and has reached Hon CM as instigated. (read CM speech in assembly).

Friends, TNGDA is trying its best to speed up the conduct of special exams.
Mobile doctors:

Mobile drs are just like any other 10a1 – timescale doctor. He/she can opt any post in transfer (as in recent transfer counseling). But their pay is from NRHM funds. Hence paid thro’ society.
But for all other administrative and other purposes, they will be taken on par with other 10a1 service. (for pre-PG mandatory service etc).

Though the salary is paid thro’ NRHM funds, the NRHM has turned down grant for pay commission arrears from its funds. TNGDA has taken up this with the govt. The govt. has agreed to pay the arrears (after getting finance concurrence) from govt. funds. (instead of NRHM funds).

The process has been started. TNGDA will ensure this. Every mobile doctor will get his full arrears due to him.
10a1/ CMC Batch demands:

TNGDA by principal is always for recruitment of assistant surgeons by regular TNPSC (as recruitment thro’ other methods can make members vulnerable and selection biased). This idea is just to ensure that there should be no harassment to our temporarily posted members and the recruitment fair. (some of our present state office bearers were 10a1 doctors joined in 1990).
·         But once recruited, it was TNGDA which got special TNPSC for these 10a1 batches every time – be it at 1990/ 2002 or 2007 (CMC batch) or 2008. 
·         TNGDA got them regularized from the date of joining – 1990 / 2002 (also for CMC batch)
·        TNGDA got a G.O. (later quashed in High Court) including the CMC period for calculating the mandatory 3 years for writing PG entrance.
·         This year it is TNGDA which got the mandatory period reduced to 2 years from 3 years (Resistance to this reduction is gaining momentum in official side;  and possibly this will be raised to 3 years next year – as done for superspeciality)
·         It is TNGDA which got PHC doctors an extra mark in PG exams (benefiting juniors). Doctors in CEmONC, Casualty, difficult postings etc may be given this benefit next year.

CMC Batch – 2007 Special TNPSC exams Regularization orders:

As per the TNPSC the seniority from the date of passing the special exams. But as doctors of different 10a1 batches (1990/ 2002/ 2006 batches) wrote the exams, there was confusion over the date of regularization. TNGDA has represented that the date of joining should be taken up the date of regularisation for all batches. Few queries raised at the P &  AR / Health depts. over the date of regularization for those 10a1 candidates joined in 1990 &  2002 (failed in earlier spl exams). The file is being processed. TNGDA assures issuance of order by the end of this month.


  1. It looks like a political party poster during election time...Sir ! be genuine to 10A1 members...don't cheat them with these type of explanations..

  2. now it is right time to file public litigation


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