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Friday, July 31, 2009



Dear Colleague,

The International Law Institute (ILI) invites you to nominate appropriate candidates to its upcoming seminars. Established in 1955, the ILI is an independent, international, non-profit training institute that has trained more than 15,000 government officials and practitioners from more than 185 countries on legal and financial management matters. We believe that you or your organization may have an interest in one or more of the following upcoming seminars. The courses will be held at ILI’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Enabling a Private Investment Climate, October 19th- October 30th, 2009
Capital Markets: Development and Regulation, November 2nd-November 20th, 2009
Judicial and Court Administration and Case Load Management, August 17th- August 28th, 2009

The Enabling a Private Investment Climate will focus on the policies and measures to foster an efficient and successful private investment climate, for both domestic and international investors. Stakeholders in this process include present and potential shareholders, creditors, employees, government and society as a whole. Innovation and creativity will be emphasized, as well as measures to maintain market stability and development. Simulated and actual case studies will be employed to support the lessons learned. Participant roundtables are vital learning exchanges. Primary topics will include:

·          Fostering a Climate for Private-Sector Development
·          Macro-Economic Issues
·          Labor and Employment Issues
·          Regulatory and Legal Issues
·          Business Services
·          Financial Services

The Capital Markets: Development and Regulation course highlights the major issues and procedures which relate to the development and regulation of capital and securities markets in developing economies. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the major building blocks of an effective capital market and the policy environment needed to foster its development. Also included in discussions are those issues which relate to the growing interaction of emerging markets with developed capital markets. The course will concentrate on the following topics:
·          Development of Capital Markets
·          Role of Participants in Capital Markets
·          Legal and Regulatory Framework
·          Financial Instruments in Project and Corporate Financing
·          Field Trips

The Judicial and Court Administration and Case Load Management provides an in depth study of the principles and techniques for the development and administration of a modern, efficient, fair and transparent court system. References will be made to the experience of judges and court officers in the United States as a basis for discussion. The seminar will also include presentations on case management for the efficient processing of cases through the courts. The seminar agenda will include site visits to local federal and state courts and court support institutions to illustrate best practices or alternative approaches to the topics discussed. The main areas to be covered include:
·          Basic Concepts and Principles
·          General Issues of Judicial and Court Administration
·          Specific Issues of Judicial and Court Administration
·          Case Management
Tuition for the courses covers all lectures, materials, site visits, transportation to site visits, and several social events. In addition, accommodations may be arranged through ILI at several hotels where we have secured favorable rates. Tuition rates are as follows:
Enabling a Private Investment Climate $3,950
Capital Markets: Development and Regulation $4,950
Public Enterprise Reform and Privatization $3,950
Judicial and Court Administration and Case Load Management $3,950

If you are interested in applying for, or nominating a colleague to attend, any of these courses, please contact The ILI, at +1-202-247-6006 or email at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Don Wallace, Jr.

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