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Monday, July 6, 2009

Agreed Decisions of the Meeting held between representatives of Tamil Nadu GovernmentDoctors Association and the Government

Please note : We will upload a copy with better clarity as soon as possible. In case any one of you have a copy, please scan and send to us

Agreed Decisions of the Meeting held between representatives of Tamil Nadu GovernmentDoctors Association and the Government
A meeting was held at secretariat from 11 am to 1pm on 5.7.2009 to discuss the request made by the TNGDA. The Principal Sec Health,Principal Sec Finance ,Spl Sec Finance ,DME,DMRHS,DPHPM & Deputy Sec Finance represented the Govt side.

The office bearers of the TNGDA represented the association side.The TNGDA representative explained in great detail the stagnation faced by govt doctors at various level due to lack of adequate promotional opportunities in the system .They requested dynamic assured career progression as solution to the problems as has been done by the govt of India for their doctors.After detailed discussion the following agreement was signed as to further course of action to resolve the issues.
  1. A committee consisting of DME,DMRHS,DPHPM,Spl Sec Finance ,Deputy Sec Finance along with two representatives of the TNGDA will be formed immediately to make suitable recommendations for creation of promotional opportunities at various level.
  2. It was also agreed to consider provision of safe guards so that even after creation of adequate promotional opportunities,If a doctor after a specified period of service does not get promotion he/she will be provided with person oriented promotion so as to have satisfactory career advancement.
  3. It was also agreed to accept the request of the doctors for Voluntary retirement in case of clinical categories.

It was also agreed that the committee should submit its recommendations by 31.07.2009 and the government would issue final orders by 31.08.2009.

--/Signature/-- Dr.Sethil.MD.

--/Signature with Date 5.7.2009/--V.K.Subburaj.Prin Sec to Govt ,H & FW Dept

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  1. Sir, I really wonder what is mentioned there in the agreement.Why did you withdraw even before the strike was on?, when they have not given in writing , in the agreement, about the DACP at 8, 15 and 20 years. There was unimaginable support given by all sections of TN Government doctors for the strike, which in future may not be possible to mobilize, as you have betrayed those who supported the strike.The Government has played a good trick to thwart the strike and postpone its commitment and to make Doctors forget their demands for another 2 months or the TNGDA representatives have betrayed by doing some behind the screen bargain.What is the assurance that DACP will be implemented?. When you all said Central Pay parity based on DACP as the only demand, why did you talk about VRS that too only for selected clinical specialties.Who decides which are the selected specialties and rare specialties and on what basis. You should take with you representatives from all specialty departments from General and Dental side for representing the grievances before the Committee. What about resignation then?.It will be a mental torture for all of us till the things what you say are implemented because nothing is there in the agreement. Previously also you said that you have a paper signed by Deputy CM agreeing to look into our demands after the election.What happened after election everybody knows.Please conduct meetings at each and every Hospital again and explain what you have achieved before you withdrew the strike if not only to thank those who supported you. IF OUR DEMANDS ARE MET BY THE GOVT. SUCCESSFULLY HOPEFULLY AFTER 2 MONTHS THEN THE CREDIT GOES TO THE DOCTORS COMMUNITY WHICH STOOD BEHIND YOU, NOT THE OFFICE BEARERS.


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