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Friday, January 23, 2009

Mibiz Medical/Dental elearning Encyclopedia CD Rom

Dear Sir:
Greetings from Mibiz Group, India !

The Mibiz Group portal -

We do specialize in Research & development (R&D) in the field of
Information Technology (IT), e-learning, Tele-education & Knowledge
Mibiz Virtual University of Practitioners-
     Medical & Health interactive Encyclopedia Volume CD ROMs,
Mibiz Dental Health Foundations-
     Dental Encyclopedia Volume CD ROMs.

                 Medical / Dental Encyclopedia
                       e learning CD Roms
Mibiz Dental Health Foundation, Dental Encyclopedia vol 1 1500.00
Mibiz Dental Encyclopedia The Dental Anatomy & Physiology  999.00
Mibiz Dental Encyclopedia The emergence of Dental Science  499.00
Mibiz Dental Encyclopedia Dental Disorders                 499.00
Mibiz Dental Encyclopedia Dental Health                    499.00
Mibiz Dental Health Foundation,Virtual Research Laboratory 499.00
Mibiz Virtual University of Practitioners,
 Master Brain Medical Encyclopedia                1500.00
 Human Anatomy & Physiology                        999.00
 The Emergence of Medical Science Ver 2.2          499.00
 Fabric of the Human Body Ver 2.3                  499.00
 Control your Health Ver 2.4                       499.00
 100 General Health Disorders Ver 2.5              499.00
 The Human Diseases Ver 2.6                        499.00
 Sex, Reproduction, Pregnancy & Childbirth         499.00
Mibiz Medical Encyclopedia
 Human Anatomy & Physiology Vol l                 1500.00
 The Human Body Ver 1.2                            499.00
 Hematology & The Immune System Ver 1.3            499.00
 The Respiratory System Ver 1.4                    499.00
 The Respiratory Diseases Ver 1.5                  499.00
 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)          499.00

                       MIBIZ PROJECT REVIEWS

“Sincere appreciations and gratitude for the effort taken in the Project
Report “Maldives Knowledge Village” and wishes for the success of the
Project and future endeavors.”
His Excellency President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
The Republic of Maldives

“Mission to create a Knowledge disseminating hub in the Republic of
Maldives Vision 2020”
The Freelancer
The Republic of Maldives

"Following the path of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam"
KeralaKaumudi, India

"Mibiz Knowledge village- Satellite based Education & E-Learning Solutions"
                                         Jeevan TV, India

"Probing Medical Science"
                      THE HINDU, India

“I congratulate the whole Mibiz team for this excellent effort. It is my
earnest hope that those who use this Authored CD Rom will be enabled to be
of service to their family and society- to alleviate pain, sufferings, and
occasionally, even to save a life.”
Dr. B. Eqbal
Former Vice Chancellor,
University of Kerala, India

"I have had an occasion to look at the Master Brain Medical Encyclopedia
CD Rom prepared by Mibiz. I found the encyclopedia comprehensive and its
structure relevant. From which I could see, the subject matter is treated
with scientific rigor and illustrations very carefully done. The layout is
quite elegant. I congratulate Reji Vasanth on this laudable effort."
Dr C. R Soman
Health Action by People

"We thank you greatly for the time you have given us for the presentation
that we requested and your offer in the development of telemedicine in the
Maldvies, it would be proficient if we can establish such a network for
telemedicine with coordination with government IT network."
Dr.Sheena Moosa
The Director of Health Services
The Republic of Maldives

I appreciate the commendable work accomplished by your organization in
developing content- based CDs.
Aruna Sundaraj IAS
Former Secretary, Information Technology

“This event will be a reliable one, in the history, Mibiz's Medical
Encyclopedia CD Roms are “ideal for Medical practitioners, Professors,
Students, & People from all walks of life.”
Dr. K. P. Paulose
Chief Physician, India

“Medical Encyclopedia CD Rom's developed by Mibiz, will be an
Technological & Medical revolution for Indian Health Sciences'
contributions to the World Health Sciences.
Dr. D.Vijayakumar
Indian Medical Association (IMA)

“Mibiz's Medical Encyclopedia CD Roms are informative, and it will be
fruitful for those who are with Medical Sciences, all over India and
Dr. Madhavan
District Medical Officer, India

“I know, whenever they start a Project, They will involve themselves
totally – ‘working day & night'- a complete dedication for making events
happen. A subject, if studied well, if you are sure how your are
perceiving it, & you have logic & determination, no doubt you will come up
with flying colors. ‘If there is a will there is a way'. “I am confident,
that is the success behind Mr. Reji Vasanth, and his team members of
Prof. P Balakrishnan Nair,
Former Head,
Department of English
University of Kerala, India

"Reji Vasanth- The man behind educational Medical Encyclopedia CD Roms"
                                   KeralaKaumudi, India

"We would like to inform you that the content was good enough to merit
appreciation from our medical department."
General Manager - Training & Development
Tablets (India) Limited

"I would like to congratulate you on your efforts."
Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD
Medical Director
HELP - Health Education Library for People

Anticipating a healthy business relationship.

With warm personal regards

V J Reji Vasanth
CEO & Consultant
Mibiz Group
Mibiz Group
Opp Lal Bahadur Shasthri Computer Centre
Besides Capital Group
Palayam, Trivandrum
Kerala, India
GSM:    09387822966
IPC Tel:831100253
Chat ID: [Yahoo/Hotmail/Skype/Google Talk/AOL] mibizreji
        [ICQ]    389-202-543
SMS  ID: [Rediff] 73330100 mibizreji

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