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Monday, January 8, 2007

Stocks and Registers - Basic tips for new medical officers

Stocks, vaccines and reports
  1. Always read the contents or data in reports or letter or vouchers for that matter even a bit of paper before signing in it.
  2. By signing a report or letter it is meant that you know about the contents and you have verified them, cross checked them and is bound by law for the data and contents you submit.
  3. The report may be prepared by your subordinate but after signing it you are alone responsible for it and you cannot point the fingers on the person who prepared it and escape.
  4. It is better to get side initial from the person preparing the report [PHARMACIST H.I. VHN.SHN OR LAB ASST] before you sign it. Then both the person who had prepared report will also have half the responsibility.
  5. For Heaven Sake avoid signing in Empty reports
  6. Check your main stock especially drugs vaccines and instruments periodically every month and at least every three months. As per rule sub stock should be checked daily. The pharmacist and anm have the responsibility to show the stock when the Medical officer asks them to do so.
  7. Check Vaccine Stock Every Thursday. Remember that Vaccines are very difficult to replace. Always Check the expiry date also
  8. Do not trust any body in matters of stock and money. You will alone be held responsible for the shortages and you will have to pay Recovery amount if you sign the registers without actual physical verification

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