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Monday, January 8, 2007

Man management - Basic tips for new medical officers

Basic tips for new medical officers

Man management

  1. The medical officer is the boss of the PHC.
  2. He/She is responsible not only to conduct op but also to control his/her staff
  3. You have two duties – One Medical and the second Officer. Keep in mind clearly that you have an Officer Duty Also
  4. He/She is answerable to the superiors for the acts of his/her staff
  5. He/She shall not obey the request/ideas/ORDERS of his/her subordinates.
  6. He/She shall issue orders to his/her staff and they (subordinates) shall obey the orders.
  7. Even if a medical officer acts by the ADVICE of his/her staff, He/She alone will be held responsible for the outcome of the action and not the Person who gave the advice. Keep in mind that the subordinates will escape
  8. Do not have close relationship [friendly or brotherly or sisterly !!! or any other ] with your subordinates. Relationships include Friendly, Brotherly or Sisterly (Hope you know what happened to the அண்ணா அக்கா பாசமலர்கள் in your college in due course) or intimate sexual relationship.
  9. You are an officer and they are your subordinates and should obey your instructions. Its so simple and nothing more than that. The more close relation you maintain the more tough it becomes to manage and control them
  10. Do not trust your staff completely. Always keep a doubtful eye in them.
  11. Even though you are an officer, do not scold or find fault with your staff in front of third persons and especially in the field. Always talk about their mistakes inside the PHC. The Best option is noting that down in the review register along with review minutes
  12. Do not talk with a staff of opposite sex without a third person in that room.
  13. Do not allow any one to sit in the medical officer room
  14. The only time your staff can sit before you is the review meeting
  15. Do not entrust your PERSONAL WORK to your staff.
  16. Don’t listen to comments by your staff about your co medical officers [even if you have personal hatred against the doctor] The same person who comments about the other person will speak about you in your absence.
  17. When you have misunderstanding with your officer, speak directly to him /her and to the best possible effort resolve the issue immediately.
  18. Don’t speak about your indifferences to your subordinates, this will work as a dividing method by the staff and Both the doctors will be the end losers
  19. If you cannot resolve the dispute among yourselves please contact senor medical officers (not the DDHS !!) or association for intervention. If you are both from the same college, better contact a college senior who is known to both of you.

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