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Friday, February 18, 2005

UPSC Interview - FAQ

This are my answers for questions posted to me.

Are there any fellows who new about what they ask for the interview for combined medical services--interview.
1) will they ask theory or practical side of clinical medicine?
1. Yes
2) will they ask about general knowledge?
2. Yes
3) what are the line of their approach?
3. To find What you answer and How you answer
4) will they ask about health ministry? ICMR...

4. Yes

And few more questions

1) what all things I should read?
At least OG Paeds and SPM........... especially Epidemiology, Nutrition

2) what all internet site I should go?
None specific

3) What all things I should master? or I can do within the small amount of time?
Be prepared to talk about ONE Speciality..... If you are a PG, that is ideal............ Or be prepared for a question like...... what are you planning to do ........ Why you like that For example .... Why you like OG Why you like Paeds etc

4) How can I cover general knowledge portion? (any internet sites?) Will they
ask questions regarding the things in whole universe? or confined to medicine?
That depends.......... Your question may be about the latest winners of PC Roy or the product discovered by Simon Fraser Campbell

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