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Friday, February 18, 2005

More Questions on UPSC Interview

Few more queries answered

1) when I enter enter the room, will there I should carry my files.( regarding
my qualifications). If so, In an interview like this, if I am carrying the
executive file with me, How should I regard greetings in a PRAYER HAND position?
Should I keep the file in between the palmar aspect of both hand? (or shall I
keep the file in axilla?--will it be awkward?)
Keep your palms together, if you don't have anything in your hand..........
Usually the certificates are checked OUTSIDE the room........ You carry your certificates in JOB interviews
And if you carry the file........
1. keep that in the table and then wish
2. Bow a LITTLE........ not too much

2) At first i enter the rooms, i shall walk directly to board of members, then i shall stand infront of them, look all of them. then greet GOOD MORNING.Right? Then after they asked me to sit, I can sit. Is the procedure correct?

3) After this, I shall keep silence. so they will ask question right?


4) IF my interview is at 1.30PM shall I say GOOD MORNING OR GOOD EVENING?

Good Afternoon

5) If there are males and females in the board, how should I greet? GOOD MORNING SIRS AND MADAMS...? OR simply GOOD MORNING only?


6) If some body ask me a question, shall I answer the question by looking at him only or answer looking at the face of whole persons? I think the second option is better)

Look at HIM / HER

7) If they ask me some thing, like where do you stay? like that, shall I add, Sir to the answer, LIke , "in the lodge sir/ madam"? or simply "in the lodge"?

Add as many Sir and Madam as possible.......... you are not loosing money by adding more SIRS or MADAMS to your reply........ isn't it

8) If they asked me something, if I don't know the ANSWER, what should I reply? simply smile? or attempt an answer? or say "Sorry, I don't know, Sir", or simply "I don't know , sir"

"Sorry, I don't know sir"............ But don't tell this answer to

1. Questions directed at you.......... What is your future plans, What speciality to you like
2. Emergencies ....... labour, pre op preparations

A better answer is " I am not able to RECOLLECT now, Sir"

9) When I become Nervous or sweat in the room, shall I mop with hand kerchief?

10) Is it good taking propranolol (beta blocker) before interview? Will
it cause any problem?

That depends on your habit.......... I have seen people taking propanolol, Diazepam, Alprax, bananas even before Final Year Clinical Exams

11) After finishing the interview, when they tell you can go, how should I react? THANK YOU or THANK YOU SIRS...

If there are only males......... Thank You Sirs
If there is one female...... Thank you Sirs and Thank You Ma'am

12) If there are more than one male and females? then how can I thank? Is the
plural form of madam is madams?

Thank You is enough

13) When you spell madam, Is it maDam? or ma'am is correct? Is "D" silent? We
usually call our madam as 'madam'?

Ma'am is more modern while Madam is traditional

14) Another manner ettiquette doubt is there. Many persons are telling that,
what ever be the time, when ever the first time you see a person you can wish
GOOD MORNING? Do you think is it true? Can you wish a person good morning in the

I too have heard about that............ But Good Afternoon at 1:30 pm is better than Good Morning............
This problem is peculiar to English only
In french it is bonjour (rarely bon apres midi)
In indian languages we have namasthe, namaskar, vanakkam, and Aiyubavan

15) males should wear, light coloured full sleeves shirt and tie, dark clour
pant and shoes. Is it necessary to wear OVER COAT (not the white over coat ) I
mean the suit, esp when we go for interview in delhi etc. ( for eg for upsc?).
will any body do like that? I think for going abroad for interviews it is always
needed. Is wearing it good for Indian interviews?

I don't think you need a over coat for INDIAN Interview

16) If you are taking propranolol, how much time before the interview, you
should take?

No Idea

17) What is the pleural form of madam, is there any pleural forms exist?

No Idea

18)is there any internet site showing, how to tie the knot of an executive tie?

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