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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A piece of advice for aspirants of TNPG

A piece of advice......... for aspirants of TNPG as well as TNPSC

Please don't "over think" in Tamil Nadu PG........ Tamil Nadu PG (as well as TNPSC) Questions are from the same question bank that is followed for the MCQ Part of your theory exams by MGR Medical University. Eventually the level of the questions will be from I MBBS to III MBBS.

It is this reason why you have question like "Hypokalemia is " and the "nerve injured in Fracture Neck of Humerus is " Though these questions are cakewalk for you, they are apt question for the I MBBS Students.....

It is for the same reason that you get questions like a wave in JVP and Rowsing's sign (Final MBBS)

The most unfortunate aspect of this question bank is that of late they have introduced MCQs in MD and MS Exams also.... some times question from that Question Bank (PG level ) enter into the TNPG or TNPSC question paper and every one (except those with a diploma in that speciality) is in for trouble

So the best way is to Read the question carefully and clearly.... think once.... think once only and mark the answer.

Using your logic and abstract thinking where it is not warranted will land you in trouble

All the best

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