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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SMJ - Reply from Hospital

Dear All,
you might have watched Satyamave Jayate episode 4.....
there are some hidden facts of Mr Rai case...
these have been received in my mail box as a forward...
i presume they are genuine......

Pl. see details of one of the cases discussed in the show; the other side of the story
I have hidden the details of the doctor
The complainant (Mr. Rai) has provided false information and also withheld crucial information which may have made Aamir Khan believe the fabricated story of Pankaj Rai.

1. Mr. Rai never informed Aamir Khan that Mrs. Seema Rai was registered for a cadaver transplantation more than one year prior to surgery. The call on the night of admission was made because a cadaver donor had become available. Cadaver transplantation has to be done emergently, otherwise the organ(s) will decay and become useless. That is why the patient was admitted on the night of 1 May 2010. The patient and her family were all informed about risks and benefits of transplantation for more than 2 years (since June 2008).

2. Mr. Rai, Mrs. Rai and Abha Rai all were again counseled for more than 1 hour on the night of admission about kidney and pancreas transplantation. Subsequently they also discussed with their relative in New York. Then on the night of 1 May itself Mr. Rai personally informed the doctors to proceed with kidney + pancreas transplantation. The Informed Consent form was signed on the night of 1 May itself and handed over the ward doctor. The Karnataka Medical Council as well as the National Law School of India have investigated the Informed Consent issue and clearly stated that Informed Consent was indeed taken prior to surgery. In fact, if the Informed Consent was not given on the night of 1 May, the organ would have been allocated to the next patient on the waiting list for cadaver transplantation who was already admitted to another Hospital. (Whenever a cadaver donor is available, several patients on the waiting list such as Seema Rai are called and advised to get admitted.)

3. Mr. Rai never asked anybody in the Hospital to stop the surgery at any time. He was plainly lying when he made a statement to that effect to Aamir Khan. On the contrary, during the entire hospitalization, Mr. Rai was praising the doctors for their hardwork in trying to save his wife.

4. The patient did not receive 119 units of blood, i.e., 60 liters of blood. She received 33 units of blood over 4 days which is about 10 liters since she had developed a massive bleeding condition called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC). She also received platelets, FFP and other blood products to correct DIC.

5. The surgeon is definitely qualified to conduct pancreatic transplantation as well as kidney transplantation. He is trained at the world famous Hospitals in the United States where he had conducted numerous multi-organ transplantation surgeries.

6. The Hospital was registered for multi-organ transplantation. There was a clerical error in the Certificate which was acknowledged by the Health Department. The Health Department have clearly stated in their report that registration for liver includes pancreas as well (since the skill required for transplantation of both these organs is one and the same).

7. Mr. Rai also withheld from Aamir Khan that the Karnataka Medical Council has thoroughly investigated the case and found no evidence of any negligence on the part of the doctors.

I am sure Mr. Rai has used his theatrical skills to convince Aamir Khan and his team about his false allegations. I am also confident that Aamir Khan will realize the lapse his research team has done once all the facts are provided to him.

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