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Thursday, November 26, 2009

TNGDA Salem Office Bearers Transfer

26th Nov 2009
TNGDA Salem Office Bearers Transfer

The state body condemns the transfer of our Salem District Secretary Dr Lakshmi Narasiman and Treasurer Dr Mukunthan to Thoothukodi on administrative reasons. It is unfortunate that the govt. has transferred district office bearers of a recognized association for trivial reasons.

We were told that our office bearers were transferred on the D.O. letter of the Dean, Salem.

The state body demands that the transfer orders of the office bearers are cancelled immediately.

Immediately on hearing the transfer, the state body contacted the DME and HS and demanded cancellation of the transfer orders.

Meanwhile, we directed the Salem Office Bearers to take up the issue in the proposed GBM the next day. The Salem District GB resolved that the Office Bearers transfers should be cancelled immediately. TNGDA Salem also resolved to go in for strike the next day.

While the HS assured to consider our demand, insisted that we defer any agitation. So, we directed Salem district to postpone all agitations for 2 days, so as to enable us to assess the response of the govt.

But unfortunately the Salem office bearers’ went ahead with a dharna by about 35 members.

While the discussion is going on the Salem office bearers went to Chennai and we asked them to meet the HS along with our Head Quarters Secretary. They didn’t take the HQ secretary but instead met the HM thro’ some personal contacts. The HM has directed them to obey the order and join in Thoothukodi.

Once the HM is involved, the HS/ DME were not able to decide. State Office Bearers met the HM and requested immediate cancellation. But the HM insisted that they should first obey the order and only then revoking can be considered.

The stalemate continues. As the association was in the election process and no active aggressive steps can be planned. Now, the issue has been made an agenda in the state GBM. Hope we arrive at suitable decisions in the meeting.

Meanwhile the state body continues its efforts in canceling the orders.

State Secretary


  1. dear state office tngda it is very unfortunate that we are unable to protect even district office bearers. why would the state office instead of pleading to health minister take up to the members and organise agitation. even for pay issue we refused to meet HM/HS . we may meet honourable deputy cm or cm for this issue or honourable central minister in madurai. state officer's reluctance to go further in this may demoralise ordinary members

  2. let all those critisizing our state office bearers unnecessarily learn a lesson frm salem district. we would see to that they are expelled from state ec or membership

  3. Dear state secretary and President,
    If same thing has happened in madurai or thanjur district, you would express your condemnation in the same manner and continue business as usual? it has been widely discussed that because of personal ego problems in state ec the isseue has been neglected by state office bearers. It has to be viewed seriously and immediately all steps including agitation has to be planned. If not this would set worst example in future for masterly inactivity on behalf of state office in such problems. Probably in future more administrative transfers for many district office bearers would be tried in many districts if we wont intervene effectively now. Please think about this.

  4. Dr raja said,district office bearers should obey state office advice.every one wants to act induvidually means then association splits!then we wont demand the govt!

  5. hello office bearers,u r always involved these things only.i am a ent surgeon,finished 10yrs of service.i got posting order to dme side(madras medical college)3 months still nw the dms refuse to past 3 months he relieved more than 4 ent surgeon all are junior to me,even 10A1 CANDIATE AND DLO CANDIDATE.i contacted state secretary mr senthil.our association never help genunine reason.thk u tngada office beares,enjoy the post.valga valamudan.dr.s.shanmuga ashok,ms (ent),gh,manaparai.

  6. Dear Dr.S. Shanmuga U did not tell about what is the reason the DMS telling? What is the reply Dr.Senthil gave? Dont Disappoint with this involvement of state office bearers, They are all reacting for a District office bearers problem. They must do atleast this.Dr. Thirunavukkarasu.

  7. hi,me having the dme posting order.whenever i met dms ,he told me "parkalam'.he and his office personal treated me as a begger,.dme sent the posting order sep 1.still nw i did nt get release order from dms.dnt knw ,dms expecting anything from me?god only knows.dr.s.shanmuga ashok.


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