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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


1) Confusion over Specialist / Panel / CML Seniority, regarding.

The TNGDA for decades has stood by CML Seniority at all levels. In G.O:354 which was issued based on Praveen Kumar Committee report (in which TNGDA office bearers were members), certain confusions prevail among our members, officials, and others.

The TNGDA members of the Praveen Kumar committee during the deliberations have made it clear of the priority of CML Seniority in any Specialty. It was accepted to maintain STATUS QUO in this regard. More so, the committee and the consequent G.O:354 are basically a Finance GO. Hence, rules on promotion and seniority are always based on the situation in the parent department.

So the TNGDA in the State EC Meeting held on 25.10.09 at Trichy has resolved to get suitable Clarification / Amendments to ensure STATUS QUO (that existed before with CML seniority as superior).

The TNGDA will also fight against the controversial illustration 4 in the G.O. 354.

2) Release of Diploma Candidates to DME To DMS Side.

The TNGDA State Office Bearers has taken up the issue with the DME and the Govt to retain to all willing Diploma and MBBS candidates in the DME side itself and ensure Person Oriented Promotion (including PB IV) to them.

Those willing to continue in DME side are directed to give their option thro the Dean on the circular from the DME stating their willing ness to continue in DME side.

Those wanting earlier promotions shall opt to go to DMS side and they will get their speciality specific seniority and promotions there.


  1. if our health dept follows CML seniority then why G.O suggests a specialty seniority and finance dept G.O is applicable for all practical purpose unless a modification is obtained. how can TNGDA can falsely mislead us by saying finance G.O does not bind us. You think we members would believe all your false propoganda?

  2. dear our previous office bearers chennai dist election s the example of youngsters to show the unsatisfaction regarding your GO and speciality seniority

  3. What are the steps taken to restore CML seniority ? Have you met Health Secretory regarding this ?

  4. Dear TNGDA office bearers please dont indulge in misleading members. we members are not blaming you for all mistakes happened in G.O but mistakes are due to many reasons but what we expect from state offfice is to acknowledge them and TRY to recify or modify them one by one on priority basis. Even our association state office is not expressing our grievance, who else on this earth would do. We hope you do for us. TNGDA state office covers the mistakes and takes blame on behalf of faulty G.O. NO member suspects our State office good intention but state office should not outrightly reject our request for modification of certain promotion aspects. We lost hope for any basic pay revision here after but non monitary aspects like CML seniority etc can be rectified. PLEASE ENLIST THOSE PROBLEMS AND GET FEED BACK FROM ALL DISTRICTS.

  5. Dear TNGDA office bearers i joined service by (10-A1)on 31-01-2002.But selected by waiting list for the previous year 2001 in CML list Date of Joining is given by TNPSC appointment as 01-07-2002 Do i need any Correction?The increment date Regularitation of service.All fixed from the date of TNPSC appointment.Can i get all these Benifits from the date of joining ? My mail id

  6. Dr profession is a noble profession, but in TN they are poorly paid as compared with doctors and engineers working in central government department. The creamy layer of +2 students go to study the medicine. But those who passed with average marks in private engineering colleges and managed to get appointment in central govt departments(ISRO/DAE/DRDO/Engineering service) will attain PB-4 within 12-15 years with out any restriction in the number of posts. Please clarify this message with DAE/ISRO/DRDO staff. Hence my opinion is to reduce the residency period to 12-15 years after joining service with MBBS to attain the PB-4


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