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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Urgent : CML / DataBase Updation :

All the members have to ensure updation of their particulars through CMO / DDHS / JDHS / Dean. If left out it will lead to cumbersome procedure later on.

Due on
20th Sep 2009 for DMS Side
25th Sep 2009 for DPH Side

It is very important for getting promotions due through our Agitation
State Secretary

Please ensure Particulars of all doctors in your district are entered. The Spreadsheets are also available at


  1. sir,
    Wat will happen to the 550 odd service post graduates in this regard. more than 70% of the doctors among the 550 doing pg will be seniors by 5 years or 10 to 15 years if doing super specialty,when compared to the newly appointed specialist 10 A1 doctors (less than 3 years service) who are working at various places. if these juniors are posted at DME side thru counseling them the seniors who complete pg in the coming three years will not have vacancy in DME side. they have already worked in rural areas and GH for minimum more than three years and even after finishing pg cannot go to DME side.
    Wat can be done to include the current seniors in service undergoing post graduation in the cml list and specialists DATABASE

  2. I am working as Civil Surgeon at Tamil Nadu Special Police, VIII BN, Tihar Jail, New Delhi directly under the control of commandant. It is an isolated deputation post, so please inform me the procedure by which to send my proforma to DMS


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