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Friday, June 12, 2009

Tamilnadu Govt Doctor's pay hike

TN sixth pay commission has given doctors nothing but a poorer service condition and treated as bonded labourers.

Ä There is nothing in relation with sixth central pay commission in this except entry scale of 8000-275-13500 ie 15600-39100 with grade pay of 5400.

o Successive scale never exist in central pay bands.

o Senior civil surgeons and Associate professors are the most affected.

o Equality prevails in the sense that entry and highest promotion (which all doctors achieve ) are kept in the same pay band.

o Dynamic Assured Carrier Progression schem ie time bound promotion given in 5th and 6th central pay commission is not even mentioned.

Ä Inspite of shortage of teaching faculties in all new medical colleges more than 50 to 75% in certain departments and colleges, no effort taken to retain qualified doctors and no incentives for rare specialities and higher specialties.

o Even though Tamil nadu is best in india in terms of health indicators ( as Govt claims) doctors are treated like bonded labourers by denying VRS and petty pay hike.

o This is not comparable to what is given in central pay commisiion yet they call it 6th pay commission.

o Giving an Msc, MBBS. MD/MS, and Mch/DM the same 15600-39100+5400 is some thing a gross anomaly existing no where in our country.

o Forgetting and ignoring CAG report ( Comptroller and Auditor General of Govt of India) deteriorating quality of medical education particularly in nonclinical side, shortage of teaching faculty in all new colleges does not even bother the concerned authorities in TN pay commossion.

Ä By giving this lesser pay, no person would ever come to nonclinical departments after finishing PG.

o A Govt department is cheating the MCI, another govt regulating authority, for ever to get recognition of Govt colleges by giving false posting orders with out making any effort to retain and recruit necessary taeching faculty.

o Permanent teaching faculty number has not been issued in this state only to facilitate showing same faculty in more than one medical college in the name of giving more medical seats to state.

Ä Virtually they are creating under trained doctors for the society by not having adequate teaching faculty.

o By not addressing the issue of shortage of specialised doctors in DMS and DPH side for OG and Anaesthesia , they are training MBBS doctors.

o If salary is not on par with atleast adjascent states( IF NOT ON PAR WITH CENTRAL GOVT), our medical education would not improve and we dont get specialised doctors in DMs or DPH apart from service quota PGs.

o If a trained MBBS doctor gives anaesthesia or conducts ceasarian section some complication arises would any court would accept or any public would accept if they come to know doctor is only trained but not qualified to give anaesthesia and do surgery. or any official involved in finalising this stategy of training MBBS doctors for anaesthesia or surgery would ever under go any procedure by these doctors for their family members.

o Because they go to only corporate hospitals, not even to esteemed govt colleges like chennai govt General hospital.

o It is only poor man who comes to our GH/PHC for treatment.

Ä Unless we, doctors fight for our better service condition no body would do.

Ä This is in the best interest of us and our society to have best medical education and best medical service by qualified specialised doctors by giving pay hike on par with either central govt or southern states.

Ä By giving poorer pay hike, Govt is encouraging speciality doctors to go join private institutions and encouraging private practice of those already in service and also encourages corruption.

Ä No govt doctor is happy to serve full years in service.

Ä If allowed, most of experienced and senior doctors of various specialties would leave service but state govt is not allowing VRS.

Ä Are we bonded labourers to be denied of fundamental right of VRS and compulsory service in under paid poor salary?.

If not now never ever we would get dignified salary in this state.

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