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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Details of the one point demand of the Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association:

  • Implementation of the exclusive Pay scales and Career Progression opportunities to doctors in govt. service – central govt. based on the V and VI Central Pay Commission.
Details of the demand:
  • Extended DACP is periodical promotion in 4th year, 9th year, 13th year and 20th year in the scales of 15600+GP 5400, 15600+GP 6700, 37400+GP 8700 and 37400+GP 10000 respectively.
    This extended DACP is the demand of the association. 
  • By this the association requests special promotion scheme in the following scale and period.
Service DetailsDemanded scale of Pay
Entry15600-39100 +GP 5400
At 4th year15600-39100 +GP 6600
At 9th year15600-39100 +GP 7600
At 13th year37400-67000 +GP 8700
At 20th year37400-67000 +GP 10000

  • This is applicable to all the medical doctors, whether belonging to organized services or holding isolated posts.

In addition to the above Pay Scales and career advancements the other parts of the demand are
  • Special allowances for special duties (for other duties not in central govt. service) – given in our earlier detailed representation. Like - Treatment Allowance, PHC Allowance, Multi speciality Allowance, Risk Allowance   etc
  • Voluntary Retirement from Service (as in central health service)

    Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) - genesis and course:
  • This is a special promotion scheme first suggested by the V Pay Central Pay Commission Report. The Central Govt. implemented this scheme since 1.1.1996 to all different streams of doctors up to the scale of 14300-18300. So since 1996 the central doctors were getting promotions at 4th year, ninth year and 13th year in the scales of 10000, 12000 and 14300 respectively.

  • The VI Central Pay Commission: also suggested to continue DACP to all categories of medical officers including isolated posts of medical officers. (Vide Page 193 and para 3.6.7 of the Central Pay Commission Report)

  • The Central Govt. after accepting the recommendations, decided to further extend the DACP to one scale more – promotion at 20th year upto the scale of 37400-67000 GP 10000. [vide the Gazette – Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) New Delhi, dated 29th August 2008; Resolution No. 1/1/2008-IC. para 12 ]

  • So, finally the central doctors are given promotions in 4th year, 9th year, 13th year and 20th year in the scales of 15600-39100 GP 6600, 15600-39100 GP 7600, 37400-67000 GP 8700 and 37400-67000 GP 10000.

  • V and VI PC Report justified this special scheme to doctors stating: - “DACP is extended to doctors as their basic qualification is of longer duration and the doctors hence, have less number of total services. This cannot be extended to any other government servants.”

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