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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Posting of Senior Civil Surgeons in Block Primary Health Centers as BMOs

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Recognised by the Govt. of Tamilnadu vide Public Department G.O. Ms No. 1980 dated 7.10.1969
    STATE PRESIDENT                     
Dr.S.Kanagasababathy                                        Thanjavur 
Dr K.Senthil
Dr K.Jeyakumar
Dr P.Prakash Karat
State Office: 208, DAS Quarters, Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai
19th March 2009
Posting of Senior Civil Surgeons in Block Primary Health Centers as BMOs
The govt. sanctioned a total of 2000 posts in 1998 in the cadre of senior civil surgeons in various categories – from Professors, Asso. Professor in medical colleges, SCS (gen) and SCS (specialist) in DMS, SCS BMO in PHCs. In these Professors, Asso. Professors, SCS (specialists) are given to those qualified with master degree. The general category SCS promotion are common for  master/ diploma holders and MBBS qualified persons. The general category posts are RMOs in medical colleges and HQGHs, CMOs of GHs, ESI dispensaries, Police dispensaries, ICDS dispensaries, Supdts in HQGHs, ESI Hospitals and BMOs in PHCs – a total of just 800 posts.
Of these, many BMOs are not filled till 2005 as the promotion panel was prepared in 1:1 ratio. ie eligible senior doctors same as the available vacancies. As most (left with remote block PHC vacancies) relinquished promotion, the vacancies could not be filled up. Just 50 out of 305 Block Medical Officer posts were filled, leaving about 250 BMO posts vacant.
To avoid this, TNGDA was insisting filling up of the vacancies thro’ an additional panel for promotion. This was not done. Meanwhile the Director of Public Health thro’ the G.O. 142 of 2005 downgraded the posts of SCS to assistant surgeons. By this about 305 posts – out of about 800 promotion opportunities for Diploma and MBBS doctors were lost.
The TNGDA was fighting since then for restoration of these promotion opportunities.
Meanwhile the Health Officers Association (DDHS etc ) have given a proposal to the govt. for posting of public health personnel (ie municipal health officers as Block Health Officers reviving the SCS posts – 6 months back.
The TNGDA opposed downgrading of BMOs and posting of Health Officers. So, we went for agitation and succeeded. The SCS posts are about to come.
Yes, doctors who were toiling in PHCs for decades will be able to get the real promotion as SCS and BMOs. If these posts are not available, once they become eligible for SCS, they may have to opt for postings in GHs/ ESI / Medical Colleges. If they relinquish, they will NEVER BE ABLE TO GET PROMOTION AS SCS IN THEIR CAREER.
ie you have to just work as BMOs in the cadre of
Asst. Surg. or SAS or civil surgeons and
never as SCS
This is the fact.
Block Medical Officer post in the cadre of SCS is the real promotion for those doctors working in PHCs.
·        PHC doctors can opt (on promotion) for any general posts in DME side or DMS side.
·        There is a very good chance for all senior medical officers in PHCs getting promoted as SCS BMO.
·        The last CML number in 2008 SCS (Gen) panel is 3800/ 2005
·        With the revival of the SCS Block Medical Officer posts the expected last CML number who can get promotion as SCS will be around 6000 (hoping the SCS panel this year is prepared 1:5 ratio as requested by TNGDA)
·        The eligible CML number for promotion as associate professor in DME side ranges from 4500 to 7000/ 2005
Doubts among members
·        How can a DME side or DMS side doctor come to PHC as Block Medical Officers?
By virtue of one’s seniority, he becomes eligible for the post of SCS. On a regular basis the arising vacancy every year is expected to be around 200; out of which 40% from PHC, 55% from DMS and 5% from DME side. By virtue of his seniority, thro’ counseling, one may opt for any vacancy – be it at DME or DMS or DPH side. Assuming equal number of vacancies in DMS and DPH side, the chances of getting a posting in PHC/ GH is equal among DMS and DPH doctor.  
           At present as per panel the CML eligibility for SCS is around 3800. But DME side MD/MS doctors (constituting about 90% of the total DME side doctors) are getting promotion much earlier depending upon the vacancies in various specialities.
              The DME side MBBS/ Dip doctors (constituting the balance 10% of the DME side doctors) will be eligible to compete with DMS/ DPH doctors for the posts of SCS only by his seniority. (after putting in more than 20 years of service).  
·        SCS will not have adequate experience in PHCs?
Most SCS coming from DME/DMS side would have already worked in PHCs in their past.
Moreover in most places, only the junior most and 10a1 doctors were working as BMOs – without even clearing the accounts test/ medical code exam.
·        SCS will move out PHC once they get better postings?
This is applicable to about 90% of PHC doctors who are aspiring to get a PG seat or release to DME/ ESI/ GH.
·        How can some one from outside DPH side just come and take the promotion postings in PHC?
Just like PHC doctors getting a chance to move to DMS/ DME side, the DME/DMS side doctors are also allowed to opt for posts in PHCs.  - This question on the other hand should be directed towards the DDHS – juniors coming from Health side and controlling the entire district with a meagre service of 3 to 5 years. (TNGDA has planned to pursue this issue and insist that only PHC doctors with more than 10 years service should be posted as DDs)
·        Why are the DD and public health people weary of SCS BMOs?
Some of the DDs are scared that SCS BMOs will demand more powers and they cannot be bully SCS. The vested interests of some of the DDs will not be met as SCS BMOs are their equal cadre.
So, friends, the issue of BMOs is unnecessarily confused among PHC doctors by certain health officers for vested interest. Our organization is a democratic association, proven time and again. There is always flexibility in the association and by democratic means there is always scope to change or reverse any decision.
Unity is strength.  
State Secretary
Contact No: 98946 27213

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