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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Intervention of Non Technocrats

The Intervention of Non Technocrats-
by OP Bhandari 16 Mar 2009Category:
NewsTopic: Can social evils be banished by law alone?
The Intervention of Non Technocrats In the Field of Science Poses Problems The Speed of Development is being hindered by the avoidance and humiliation of Scientists in the present era. In the Administration Hierarchy the non-Technical persons are supreme, their salary are higher. The Talented persons are under the control of even illiterate persons. So many Technocrats are going towards Para-government (Administrative) Services. IF this process of leaving keep on, there would be vacuum in the technological Fields, and without technology the path of progress would be automatically hampered.
IF we analyse the present day education set the gifted students Join P.M.T., P.E.T, I.I.T. Courses. The Second divisionary do their B.A. M.A. Courses and Join R.A.S. R.T.S. or I.A.S. Services andthe remaining third divisionary join politics and the govern the country. These third divisionary decide the technical or non-Technical plans and Formulate policies.
For the speedy development, the tech-plans and policies should be framed and executed by those parsons who are expert as the field. The country will face many problems if the scientific projects are under the control of non-technical hand. Natural calamities can’t be controlled by non technical hands. So the intervention of non-technical persons in technology is causing problems and our development is being badly affected.
Until and unless we give prominence to doctors and engineers, the progress of Corruption is certain in the Country. Though the Situations in the developing countries is not suitable For doctors and engineers, yet they did a lot work for their country’s development They can do more work but they should get rid of Illiterate persons what hamper their work by unwanted pressure. This unreasoned pressure make the Technologists leave their country and assume work where there are better working environment.
Yes. It is correct that in India there is shortage of technocrats but their number is quite enough to select their own director.
How a non-technical inclined person hold chairman ship of Technical committees. This shows that our system has fault somewhere.
A Person without proper knowledge of technology can’t do justification to the post on which he sits.So the intervention of Illiterate persons should be stopped. In the last few years there was acute shortage of drinking water in the state but the head of the committee was non-technical person so how could he find out the reasons and give solutions to the problem? What does the Govt. wants to get by such decisions

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