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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Medical Consultant, WHO-RNTCP Technical Assistance Project

  1. Post:

Medical Consultant, WHO-RNTCP Technical Assistance Project (MC-WRTAP); State Capitals/ Principal Cities across India (approx. 15 vacancies)

  1. Organization/ Background:
The World Health Organization (WHO) helps the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), to technically facilitate the Government of India’s Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP)
RNTCP is a professionally managed and respected national health programme, making a difference to the lives of millions of TB patients in India. 
WHO has established and manages a national network of about a 100WRTAP Medical Consultants, for the purposes of technically supporting, the RNTCPWRTAP Medical Consultants are positioned in metropolitan and principal cities across India, to assist state and district level health officers, in programme planning, coordination and implementation. 
WHO would now like to recruit approximately 15 Medical Consultants, to fill existing and anticipated vacancies with the WRTAP network. 
The WRTAP Medical Consultants shall report functionally to WHO, but be on the payroll of Strategic Alliance Management Services P. Ltd. (SAMS), an independent HR consultancy. 
For additional information about the RNTCP programme, please refer
  1. Job Description/  Responsi-bilities:
Key responsibilities of WRTAP Medical Consultants include:
  1. Provide technical support to RNTCP for planning, training, surveillance and monitoring;
  2. Assist the State and district authorities in establishing good practices in all activities under RNTCP, including quality assurance, supervision and monitoring;
  3. Provide technical assistance in timely and complete electronic reporting of activities and information, using the standardized recording and reporting system;
  4. Assist RNTCP in validating reported data by promoting triangulation of records and reports, and facilitating internal evaluations of districts by the State and the Central TB Division;
  5. Facilitate uninterrupted drug supply at all levels by building capacity for drug stock management and prompt reporting of low stocks to State and the Central TB Division;
  6. Visit RNTCP facilities at district, sub-district and institution level with a view to provide on-job training, recommendations to address local constraints, and motivation of staff;
  7. Assist in coordination among government and non-government sectors including involvement of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private physicians, medical colleges and health facilities under other health sectors;
  8. Liaise with State and District level authorities and Chairpersons of the Health Societies with a view to enhance political and administrative commitment for TB control;  
  9. Assist in scaling up of all components of the 2006 Stop TB Strategy, including TB/HIV collaborative activities, laboratory strengthening and management of MDR-TB;

  1. Provide a monthly report and an end-of-assignment report in the prescribed formats on activities, achievements, challenges and recommendations for the Central TB Division;
  2. Undertake any other activity related to technical assistance as assigned by WHO Representative to India, Deputy Director General (TB)/ State TB Officer and SAMS, in the interest of RNTCP and TB control programme in India.
  1. Desired Profile of the Candidate:
(1) Must possess an MBBS degree
(2) Preferably be in the 30 to 50 years age bracket.
Skills and Attributes:
(1) At least two years familiarity with the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, preferably under the RNTCP
(2) Demonstrated effectiveness as a supervisor and/or trainer of health programmes
(3) Computer literacy viz. familiarity with word processing and other standard applications
(4) Good written and oral communication skills
(5) Tactfulness in dealing with peers and team members and the ability to enlist support
(6) Drive/ commitment to work
(7) Good health and willingness to travel at least 15 days per month to remote areas of India
(8) Willingness to relocate to any part of the country based on the needs of the programme
(9) Ability to join the programme within a month of selection.
  1. Desired Work Experience:
At least two years experience of the implementation of a health programme. Relevant experience in health or social sector will be preferred.
  1. Compensation Offered:
  1. Contract/ Employment Status:
Renewable annual employment contract with SAMS, subject to satisfactory performance and continuity of WRTAP.
  1. Location of Posting:
State capitals/ principal towns across India. (Please visit for details of locations of current vacancies)
  1. Reference:
  1. Contact information:
Senior ConsultantStrategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
B 372 New Friends Colony
New Delhi 110 025
  1. Last Date for Applications:
Please submit your application in the job application form downloadable from our site by or before December 5, 2008.

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