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Thursday, August 28, 2008

International Job openings in Medical domain


Are you looking forward for International Job openings in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc. in the Medical domain. Starting from Medical doctors to dental doctors, Physiotherapist, Nutrionist, Lab technicians, Nursing etc. Almost all the people related to Medical & Health services are in demand Now, for the first time you have got an opportunity to get your self chased by the prospective employer. Let the employers chase you, instead you chasing them. Let them send you a work permit & process your visa application.

The Medical care Industry across the globe has tried tested and have accepted the fact that a person from the Indian Medical stream is a dream come true for any employer. So if it is your dream to work in the leading Hospitals of the world. Check out how Visa House can help you in getting there by proceeding on this link

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  1. i have 6exp.after mbbs could u help me to get job in canada

  2. it is quite difficult to get a jos in cannada after mbbs you have to clear series of australian exams before you get to practice but it is not immpossible


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