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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tamil Nadu DME - Promotion Release and Transfer Counselling

MOST IMMEDIATE: Transfer / Promotion COUNSELLING: Director of Medical Education side Tutor/Assistant Professor/Assistant surgeons /Reader / Professor
Ref.No. 7512 /E1/1/2007. Directorate of Medical Education,
Chennai-10, Dated: 9-2-07
Sub:- Medical Education – MCI Norms – fulfilling the teaching staff by transfer and promotion counseling and transfer for Tutor /Asst. Professor/ Reader - date of counseling –conditions for counseling –communicated – Regarding.
Ref:- 1. G.O.(Rt) No.2143, Health, dt: 8.10.2002.
2. Govt.Lr.No.52668/A1/2002-1. Health, dt: 3.10.2002.
3. Govt.Lr.No.32629/A1/04-1, Health, dt: 5.8.04.
4. G.O.(Rt)No.1288, Health, dt: 5.8.2004.
The MCI has to inspect all the Medical Colleges both for periodical and Renewal inspections in all Government Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu. In order to fulfill Medical Council of India norms the existing vacancies of Asst.Professors/Readers have to be filled by transfer and promotion.
The following will be the tentative schedule for Transfer and Promotion counseling:
(i) Transfer counseling for Reader/Professor :
16th Friday Feb.2007 - Forenoon- Medicine & Allied specialities
Afternoon -Non Clinical Departments & Dental
17th Saturday Feb.2007 Forennoon - Surgery & O&G & Allied
Afternoon - Super specialty Departments
(ii) Reader Promotion Counseling :-
23rd Friday Feb.2007 - Forenoon- Medicine & Allied specialities
Afternoon - Non Clinical Departments
24h Saturday Feb.2007 Forenoon - Surgery & Allied specialities
Afternoon - Super specialty Departments
(iii) Transfer among Tutor / Assistant Professor :-
27th Tuesday Feb. 2007 Forenoon - Medicine & Allied specialities
Afternoon - Non Clinical Departments & Dental
28th Wednesday Feb.2007 Forenoon Surgery & O&G & Allied
Afternoon - Super specialty Departments Casualty OP, ARMO etc.
(iv) Transfer for Medical Officers released from DMS and DPH to DME side:-
1st March 2007. Individuals with PG degree who are willing to work any where in Director of Medical Education side will only considered for transfer to Director of Medical Education side.
The service Post graduates who completes their course during Feb-March need not attend this counselling and they have to exercise their option in a proforma through their heads of institutions which will be sent separately.
Conditions for Transfer and Promotion counseling.
Apart from the usual guidelines prescribed in the references cited aboce the following guidelines will be followed in this counseling
1 Only those Medical officers who have completed one year in the present station are eligible to attend transfer counseling.
  1. Station seniority (excluding the leave availed) is the main criteria for Medical Officers working in stations other than Chennai for transfer but CML seniority is the main criteria for transfer with in Chennai city institutions.
  2. All Medical Officers (both Reader / Professor and Tutor / Asst.Professor) barring transfer on administrative reasons, Pending or contemplated Disciplinary proceedings, punishment in currency are not eligible to attend the promotion counseling. Medical Officers who have been transferred on administrative reasons are not eligible to attend the transfer counseling.
  3. As this counseling is conducted exclusively to fulfill the MCI Norms the DME has discretion to restrict the transfer of Tutor / Asst. Professor to any Medical Colleges.
  4. In few Institutions like Kilpauk Medical College, Kilpauk, Chennai, Chengalpattu Medical College, Chengalpattu, Govt. Mohan kumaramangalam Medical College, Salem for which the proposed increase in seats is deferred this year the Director of Medical Education has discretion to restrict the movements of Tutors / Assistant Professor
6. Those who are eligible but not attended the promotion counseling will be
construed that they have relinquished the promotion for the period of 3
The eligible Medical Officers should bring the Service particulars in the prescribed format authenticated by the Head of the Institution and a copy should be sent to this office in advance.
The Heads of institutions are informed to circulate this communication to all Medical officers concerned and to obtain proper acknowledgement and also to display in Notice Boards.
CML No . /2002/ /2005
(One copy to be sent to DMEin advance & one copy to be brought to counseling).
  1. Name of the Medical Officer :
  2. Date of counseling :
  3. Designation :
  4. Date of first appointment :
  5. Institution in which now working :
  6. Date from which working in the :
present Institution
  1. The year / Month /Date of the
counseling in which they are posted :
to the present institution along in the
DME reference
  1. Name of the Institution last worked :
and the designation
  1. Qualification / Year of Passing :
  2. Whether Service Particulars & Leave : Yes/ No
Certificate enclosed
  1. Whether any disciplinary action is : Yes/ No
Pending against the Medical Officer ?
  1. Institution / Specialty / Station : 1.
To which transfer is requested (3 Preferences)
Signature of Head of Institution Signature of the Medical Officer Dean / Director / Superintendent
To be filled by the Head of Institution
( To produce the xerox Copies of the attendance register and Leave register when asked for )
2006 2007
Casual Leave :
Compensatory Leave :
Absent period if any :
Medical Leave :
Earned Leave :
Extraordinary Leave :
Any other kind of leave :
Total :
Sec. Asst / Sec. Office Supdt. / J.A .O / A. O
For Director of Medical Education Office use only:
Y / M / D
Date of Counselling May be transferred and
Date of joining the present posted to :
Period Worked
Leave availed
Actual Working period DD (A&R) / D. M. E
Copy to:
All the Heads of the Institutions under the control of this Directorate.
Copy Submitted to: The Secretary to Government, H & F WDepartment, Chennai-9.
Copy to: The Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, Chennai-6
Copy to: The Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Chennai-6
Copy to: All the Joint Directors of the District.
Copy to: The Director of Social Welfare, Chennai-5.
Copy to: Sr. P.A To Hon’ble Health Minister

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