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Friday, January 14, 2005

Too Easy or Too Difficult

It is really interesting to read the posts about AIPG 2005.

Every one seems to tell either of the two 'So Easy' or 'So difficult'..............

In either case that is not a sign for a good question paper as a very easy or a very difficult question paper will lead to 'clustering of marks' and will be a big challenge for those hoping of getting good ranks

An exam can be either easy or difficult.

When we get both of this opinion for an exam, then it is obvious that the question is a very good question that has plenty of spotters, quite a few readers, lots of thinkers and FEW traps.....

I have seen the question and it has every thing i have mentioned......

This is like any other AIPG, but with minor variations (as usual)

  1. This paper is tougher than last year and easier than 2003 !!!!
  2. One significant fact is that the repeats were from the 'uncommon topics' like Gustavson and cervical cut off (AIPG 2003).... unlike most papers where the repeats will be from the common topics like Jejunal Biopsy, Calcium Metabolism etc......
  3. Harrison has lost the importance.... at least partially..... Almost 280 questions can be solved without Harrison !!!! and with Harrison you can not solve above 70 questions
  4. Questions are from Standard Books.... Gray, Ganong, Harper, Tripathi, Ananthanarayanan etc and not from the EXOTIC books like that happened in AIPG 2003 (Williams) and AIPG 2004 (Campbell)
  5. More importance to Histopathologic Examination What this will lead is that Those who have prepared well (prepared MCQs also) and had a 'accident free' CNS during exam can go above 220 mark........ but those who have not prepared well will find them below 170 !!!!!

This is the reason why some people find that the paper is "too easy"while some say "too tough" But the question that is more important is....

What is the mark needed for me to get Rank 100 ???? Rank 1000, Rank 1500

In my opinion that question can be answered only after a comprehensive key has been prepared................... a key that is made by looking at every answer from the book and then valuing your paper by that key

That takes some time....

Till then.... try to find the answers

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