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Friday, January 14, 2005

Memories of Distant Past

Memories of Distant Past......... repeating again and again

I will tell you something After TNPSC 2003, we returned to Hostel from the centre and worked out the answers.

I had around 172/200 and one of my colleague had 165/200.

There was a gentleman with 175 and few others along 165 - 170

Every one else in the hostel was having a net of 185+

In the end, when the results were out, the person with 175 was a topper, those who had 170 were selected comfortably.......

None of the person i remember as having told me that he will be getting more than 185 was even called for the interview !!!!

Those who want to know the final marks with regard to TNPSC 2003, see here

In AIPG (All India Medical PG Entrance Exam) 2003 too there was a similar story

A Person who had net of around 190/300 got a rank of 110

A Person who had net of around 185/300 got a rank of 400

A Person who had net of around 178/300 got a rank of 900

Persons with net about 210 and 215 did not find their numbers in the merit list

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