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Monday, September 9, 2013

Who has to, Who can, Who cannot give injections in a PHC

Who has to give injections / Whose duty is it to give injections

  • Staff Nurse, if posted and if on duty
  • ANM, if Staff Nurse is not posted or posted, but on leave
  • Local VHN, if Staff Nurse and ANM both are not available

Who Can give injections if there are no Staff Nurse, ANM, VHN

  • Medical Officer :) . . . Medical Officer can give, but that is not his duty
  • Health Inspectors who had been appointed as Vaccinators (Most, if not all of them have retired by now. This is only for completion sake)

Who cannot give injections, Who do not have the technical competence to give injections

  • Pharmacist
  • HW Hospital Worker 
  • CCW Cook Cum Waterwoman
  • FNA Female Nursing Assistant
  • MNA Male Nursing Assistant 
  • SW Sanitary Worker
  • Driver 
  • Lab Asst
  • HI Health Inspector (other than Vaccinators). Most of the Health Inspectors at present are not vaccinators. So, practically, Health Inspectors cannot give injections


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