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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Medical bodies demand CM's appology

JAIPUR. The medical community has strongly objected to the comments made by chief minister Ashok Gehlot on private hospitals during a state level function on Wednesday. Doctors of almost all the medical associations have deplored the chief minister's remarks.

The health organisations plan rallies and burn effigies of the chief minister at all district headquarters on Friday. They also plan to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi over the issue.

"The chief minister needs to publically apologise for his statements and should ensure security and good working environment for medicos," the organisations said in a joint statement.

The BJP too strongly objected to the CM's comments. "Instead of accusing the entire fraternity, the CM should have taken legal action against cases of unfair practices at medical institutions that might have come to his knowledge," said former health minister Digamber Singh.

According to some doctors, the CM's statement may have a lasting adverse impact on patient-doctor relationship and would hamper treatment.

The Indian Medical Association ridiculed the statements and demanded the chief minister prove the allegations or make a public apology.

"The chief minister accused private hospitals of keeping dead patients on ventilators for days. Hwever, medically it is not possible to keep a dead body on a ventilator for more than four hours," said Dr S S Agarwal, state secretary, IMA.

"However if some doctor has been able to keep a body for longer duration and the issue is in notice of the chief minister he should prove it," Dr Agarwal added.

The doctors are planning to file an application under the Right to Information demanding a list of such instances that might have come in notice of the chief minister. Also the action initiated against such medical institutions.

"Trust has a keen role in treatment of a patient, chief minister's remark will deteriorate confidence of the patients and affect the treatment process" said Dr Vijay Kapoor secretary, Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Society, Jaipur.

Though the chief minister has specifically mentioned the private hospitals, the doctors in government setup also felt offended with the statement. "There remain few rogue elements in every fraternity however those cannot be sighted at a public platform to accuse the entire community" said a senior faculty member at the SMS medical college.

"Such a statement is expected to further increase in instances of patient doctor dispute, it appeared as if chief minister was provoking public anger against the medial practitioners" he added.

The medical organisations held meeting and officially condemned the chief minister's action. Demanding an apology from the state government, medical associations across the state have decided to hold protests at district level and burn effigies of the chief minister.

"Its only when a patient is critically ill that he is put on ventilator, people now may want to give a second thought before shifting their patients to ventilator" said Dr Surendra Kala, president medical practitioners society.

State government has had bitter relations with the medical community over the past few weeks. The private hospitals had held a demonstration against alleged police atrocity against a senior gynecologist in Jaipur, the issue was subsequently followed by a state wide strike by resident doctors following police assault on the S N Medical college in Jodhpur.

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