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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CML anomalies fixation fundamantal rules

Dear Members !

Service Seniority (CML) Fixation Rule :

(Corrected up to 23rd July, 2009)

Page No : 24 Rule 4 e

*{ (e) If an approved candidate selected by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission for
appointment by direct recruitment fails to join duty ordinarily within three months from the date of
receipt of the orders directing him to join duty or with in an earlier date, if so specified by the
appointing authority in special circumstances, he shall forfeit his right for appointment to the post and
his name shall be removed from the approved list;
Provided that in special circumstances the appointing authority may extend the time limit
referred to in this sub-rule up to six months for valid reasons.}
*Added in G.O.Ms.No.857, P&AR (Per.P) dt.13-9-83, w.e.f.13-9-83
#(Provided further that in very special circumstances and in relaxation of the above proviso,
if any candidate is allowed to join duty beyond the time limit of six months, his seniority in that post
shall be fixed below the junior most candidate appointed to that post in that service on the date of
joining duty of the former.)
# Substituted in G.O.Ms.No.353, P&AR (Per.S) dt.20-6-89, w.e.f.4-5-88.

To download TN Service rule Click here & Refer page 24.

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