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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Exemption of Induction and Other Trainings for Declaration of Probation - For 2006 Batch - Government Order


  1. sir,
    could you please host in website ,the letter in which DPH will delegete powers to all DDHS for declaring probation of assistant surgeons.hope that letter will be issued in a couple of weeks.because with this GO DDHS cant declare probation and a further order from DPH delegating powers to DDHS is necessary for declaring probation.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Doctors should possess the art of administration, then only we can extract work from subordinate staff particularly clerical staff.From date of joining in the medical cllege we have been taught only technical aspect that is how to treat a patient.Though We had opportunity to learn administration in SPM DURING INTERNSHIP(CRRI), we have not shown interest in administration, and our seniors are also not interested in teaching administration. When we join govt service, some of our friends are forced to become in-charge medical officer. They(newly recruited in-charged medical officers in PHCs are at the mercy of junoir assistants. We even do not where to sign the pay and other bill.JA would say that wherever medical officer seal was found doctor may sign there.That is the present situation.Doctors are interested in private pratice, not interested in learning administration.Those doctors who are in administrative post are unable to extract work from clerical staffs.We know how good we are in administration.I would like to quote few examples.There are many 17b charges are pending against many doctors for many years.Final orders are not passed in these cases even after retirement(suspended on the date of retirement or (now)permitted to retire without any benefit)This happens only in our department only, not in any other department. In many department retirement benefits are given on the date of retirement or within one to two months period. That is not happening in our department.these are few examples of our administrative capacity. In this contest we do not want Administrative traing also.By the above GO We are digging our own grave. One or other day ALL ADMINISTRATIVE POST DMS,ADMS,JD,DD,MO WILL BE OCCUPIED BY NON MEDICAL PERSON SAYING THAT DOCTOR ARE NOT GOOD IN ADMINISTRATION AND DOCTORS NOT POSSESSED REQUIRED ADMINSTRATIVE TRAING AND NOT PASSED REQUIRED TEST NAMELY E.O.TEST.Then we are going to become slaves to these non medical persons


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