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Friday, July 4, 2008

Molecular Genetics

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J.T. Hancock 813090604X 2008 PB Viva Books Private Limited 192 pp 6x9" Single Colour Rs. 295.00
Description: Molecular Genetics provides a basic understanding of genes and how they are used as a source of information for the production of proteins. The book also describes the techniques used in molecular genetics research, from mapping of genes, through gene cloning, PCR and sequencing, to give the reader an insight into the practical details. This book is designed as a concise textbook for undergraduate biomedical science students, and it offers the following key features: • Learning objectives to help guide understanding • Core knowledge written in a style that encourages students to think around the subject rather than just learning the facts, and with numerous illustrations • Key concepts and facts summarised to aid revision • Self-assessment questions and answers to test understanding • Further reading list to guide students to more detailed coverage if required.

Contents: Preface • Series preface • Part One: Molecular Biology • Introduction • What is DNA • Genes • Genome structure • Transcription and RNA • Translation and genetic code • Control of gene expression • Inheritance • Part Two: Techniques Used in Molecular Genetics
• Mapping of genes • Gel electrophoresis and blotting • Gene cloning and gene libraries
• Polymerase chain reaction(PCR) • Sequencing and sequence analysis • The future of molecular genetics: biotechnology, transgenics and gene therapy • Answers to self-assessment questions • Index.

About the Author: J.T. Hancock is senior Lecturer in Molecular Cell Biology, University of theWest of England, Bristol, UK

Target Audience: Undergraduate Biomedical Science Students.

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